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Name that BluTune: Roberts launch Bluetooth radio range

By Dave Jenkins,

Hundreds of stations and not a thing worth listening to: Even the shift from FM to DAB couldn’t help us avoid the nasal, cheesy, over-enthusiastic, often-egotistical tones of presenters playing the same 10 soulless songs every hour. Sound familiar? Well… Read article


Aves Air DAB Radio Review

By David Nield,

The Aves Air is that rarest of breeds, a pocket-sized DAB radio. The technology may offer crystal clear reception and instant tuning, but DAB has always lent itself more readily to chunky desktop radios rather than units you slip into… Read article


The Future of Digital Radio: DAB Not Quite Dibs

By Andy Mossack,

I once owned what is now commonly termed a vintage radio. Back then of course it wasn’t vintage, just state of the art and I was very proud of it. It was a Roberts portable, and then just like now,… Read article


Pioneer’s new Airplay-enabled Network Audio Players

By Dominic Smith,

Earlier this week, Pioneer announced two lovely new Network Audio Players. The N-30 and N-50 both support Apple’s AirPlay function and offer the ability to play music files from a variety of sources and formats, including high resolution 192 kHz/24-bit… Read article


CES Unveiled – Pure Sensia 200D music system

By Geoff Bowen,

At last night’s CES Unveiled press event, we were given a demonstration of the forthcoming Sensia 200D music system from the guys over at Pure. The 200D is the follow-up to the original Sensia and the primary enhancements are the… Read article


Great Eco-Gadgets For Christmas

By Jack Ratcliffe,

Do you love a white Christmas? Well, if global warming gets its way, say goodbye to those snowy Xmas days. That’s why we’ve put together this list of eco-gadgets to fill both your Christmas stocking and your heart with self-righteous… Read article


Parabola DAB radio: Stylish, portable and cheap

By Gabrielle Pickard,

Anything that advertises itself as being “too hot to handle” whips up a certain degree of intrigue and interest. When, therefore, an email titled, ‘a DAB that is too hot to handle’ arrives in your inbox, you feel compelled to… Read article


Minuet DAB Radio: Put simply, it’s child’s play!

By Gabrielle Pickard,

The benefits of buying your child a radio are more multi-faceted than the fact they can keep the kids ‘out of your hair’ by keeping them entertained for hours. Apart from relishing with delight that they have been given their… Read article