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SoundBlaster Roar: Redefining “all-in-one”

By Shem Pennant -

The Creative Sound Blaster was the soundcard of choice, back in the day when people still bought soundcards. However, as the previous sentence indicates, times…


What the critics think of the new Apple Watch

By Paul Lester -

Apple had two big announcements at its Cupertino event – the new iPhone, of course, and somewhat surprisingly, the Apple Watch. It’s been finished at…


Acton’s RocketSkates – first smart electric skates

By David Martin -

RocketSkaters by ACTON are the newest on-shoe skating option. Take roller-skates, add electric engines and balancing technologies and you get RocketSkaters! They may sound simple…


Dremel Micro, the World’s smallest handyman

By David Martin -

The latest in DIY gadgetry has surfaced in the form of the Dremel Micro - designed to be like a multi-purpose drill with an adaptable head to…