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PlexEasy PX-650US: Computer free back ups

By Andy Mossack,

Whilst all the talk is about cloud based storage and blue sky thinking, Plextor have their feet planted firmly on the ground. After all, there is still a market out there for those who prefer a more hands on way… Read article

Plextor PX256M2S

Plextor PX256M2S SSD review

By Jack Ratcliffe,

Harddrives ain’t the most glamorous of components; no matter how large or fast they get. SSD harddrives have injected a bit of glamour into the market by dramatically increasing performance, but they’re usually dismissed as toys of rich gamin’ playboys…. Read article


Plextor PX-B12OU: 3D movies when you’re on the move

By Naomi Mackay,

3D films are definitely the next big thing and if you have a 3D-compatible display, but nothing to play them on this could be the solution. The plug-and-play Plextor PX-B120OU is a portable Blu-ray player that comes in at around… Read article