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Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure: Essential education tools or sedentary lifestyle invokers?

Parents of today are faced with a dilemma parents of the past were never faced with… Let your children embrace the digital era and in doing so inadvertently encourage a…


Encyclopaedia Britannica – on your smartphone

Maybe it’s because I’m old, but I still remember when the Encyclopaedia Britannica was sold in huge books, which you would paid for weekly or monthly, and I can remember…


Pioneer AVH-3300BT in-car entertainment system: Busting the boredom of car journeys

“Mum are we there yet?”, “Dad I need the toilet!”, “I feel sick going round these windy bends!” It’s an unfortunate but well-known fact that children and long car journeys…


Crayola ColorStudio HD – Blending timeless colouring meets the iPad

For anyone with kids, you are likely to be a big fan of Crayola, which since their crayons were first introduced in 1903, have brought an endless amount of fun…


Top Christmas gifts for kids

Okay, so we all know children get far too many presents these days, but hey, it’s Christmas, so here’s a few ideas for gadgets for kids of all ages. Hello…


The best gadgets and apps to lull a baby to sleep

If you have a baby that sleeps well you are in the lucky minority. But for the unlucky majority, a baby’s frequent waking leads to sleep serious depravation and leaves…


Swann’s spy gadget range: Little brother is watching you!

Q would be proud. Those clever spy gadgets so beloved of 007 are now appearing on the consumer market – and here’s Swann’s first – a video camera and DVR…


Motorola’s TLKR T4 and TLKR T6 Walkie Talkies – Quite possibly the perfect Christmas gift

As November is now upon us we can no longer stand accused of planning for Christmas prematurely. On the contrary now is the perfect time to start ticking off the…


TWIG: Hawk Eye spy-copter, Lastolite Ezybox and the Powerstrap

The Week in Gadgets. We take a brief look at something for everyone this week with kids’ spy toys, dog gadgets and photo equipment. Fans of the Parrot AR Drone…


Nu-M8 GPS locator watch for kids

These days, as a kid, you’re lucky if you’re parents let you go more than a few feet out of their view. Gone are the days, for most kids at…

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