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Top 5 gardening gadgets for Spring 2014

By Ian Barker,

As the icy fingers of winter begin to relax their grip and the daffodils poke their heads up only to get battered down by the gales, it’s inevitable that we begin to turn our thoughts towards the garden. Depending on… Read article


Colapz, the UK’s first folding garden watering can

By Gabrielle Pickard,

Like shears and lawnmowers, watering cans are an irrefutably necessary gardener’s tool. Despite the somewhat hoary ubiquitous popularity of watering cans, it has to be said that unless you’ve got an ample-sized shed, these big and bulky items take up… Read article


Robomow RM510: Never push a lawnmower again

By Andy Mossack,

Cutting the grass was the ultimate excuse for me to get out of doing housework or the washing up. Of course in winter I had to resort to alternative scenarios but each summer it was always my escape route. Now… Read article


Christmas gifts for the green-fingered

By Naomi Mackay,

It may be frosty out there (and those further north may already have their snow shovels out) but keen gardeners will always be happy to receive something for the outdoors, whatever the weather. So here’s a few gift ideas for… Read article


Grand Designs Live: Garden Gadgets

By Naomi Mackay,

Gardening may be about getting back to basics, back to nature and being at one with the earth – but the good news for all you gadget lovers is that you can still enjoy a technological treat even if you’re… Read article