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nabi 2: Keep your kids off your iPad

Kids’ gadgets often look great, but can offer disappointing results – the kids’ cameras on the market are a prime example – but it looks like the latest tablet designed…


Proporta’s four ‘Back to School Essentials’ – Essential or superfluous?

Corresponding with the GCSE results day, the British iPad and iPhone accessories specialists, Proporta announced a new range of Back to School products for the iPhone 4 and HTC Sensation….


Three ‘must have’ back to school gadgets

Dare we say it? The summer is drawing to an end and no sooner are we worrying about how to keep the kids entertained for six weeks, we are rushing…


Honestech Claymation Studio 3.0 review

  I have long harboured secret desires to make my own animated movies – I think several visits to the Disney parks in Florida, where you can see behind the…


Apps to unlock the voice of autism

Approximately 1.5% of all people have autism. The recorded prevalence of this neural development disorder has risen in recent years and reviews estimate that 1 -2 people per 1000 have…


Hands on with the latest Griffin App Powered Accessories gear

Griffin were kind enough to invite us down to a space-age camper van in Central London to play with their latest and greatest App Powered Accessories range and nibble on…


Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure: Essential education tools or sedentary lifestyle invokers?

Parents of today are faced with a dilemma parents of the past were never faced with… Let your children embrace the digital era and in doing so inadvertently encourage a…


Encyclopaedia Britannica – on your smartphone

Maybe it’s because I’m old, but I still remember when the Encyclopaedia Britannica was sold in huge books, which you would paid for weekly or monthly, and I can remember…


Crayola ColorStudio HD – Blending timeless colouring meets the iPad

For anyone with kids, you are likely to be a big fan of Crayola, which since their crayons were first introduced in 1903, have brought an endless amount of fun…


Keep down the bill on kids’ gadgets

If you’re a parent who never seems to have any spare cash come payday, we might have identified one of the reasons why. A recent survey by price comparison site…