Sponsored video: Day in the life of Samsung’s Galaxy S3

Samsung have caused quite a stir with the launch of their Android-powered Galaxy S3, with reviews suggesting that it’s going to give the iPhone a good run for its money. The S3’s design is beautifully minimalistic and comes in at just 8.6mm thick and weighs 133g. The phone will come in a choice of either “Pebble Blue” or “Marble White”.

One of the main design features of both the S3 and it’s predecessor the S2, is the huge screen. For the S3, Samsung have chosen a 4.8? HD Super AMOLED 1280×720 display combined with super slim bezel edge to make for easier holding. In addition to the main 8MP auto-focus camera, which can shoot video in full HD 1080, the S3 also comes with a 1.9MP front facing camera for activities like video calling.

Away from the technical side of things, the S3 packs in a number of innovative software features. For example, it comes with “S-Voice” voice recognition which enables you communicate with your phone – examples include the ability to set (and turn off!) an alarm, to accept or reject incoming calls or even to tell the camera to take.

Other phone features (which are showcased in the video below) include ‘Smart Stay’ which is where the S3 is able to track your eye movements to make sure the display stays on when you’re viewing it. This enables you to set your screen timeout to a low figure and helps preserve your battery.

Sharing is another feature that Samsung are keen to highlight. Whether it be sharing your S3’s content with your Samsung DLNA supported TV or using the devices built-in NFC connectivity which enables to touch two S3s together and quickly share files through wi-fi direct.

To view these and other features of the S3, check out this video:

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