Sofant Technologies: A small antenna that gives your phone a big boost

There’s nothing more annoying than being in the middle of an important phone call, only to get cut off because of a weak signal. And that’s if you manage to even get through in the first place. Frustrating? Yes, we feel your pain.


With the new 4G network on our doorsteps, the need for a stronger signal and more bandwidth has never been more apparent. Help is at hand (or rather it will be) in the form of Sofant Technologies new miniature antenna, an antenna that has been especially designed to give smart-phones and tablets a much needed boost when it comes to finding a strong signal.

The Edinburgh-based company is an aerial specialist, manufacturing RF micro-electrical systems that are used in many of the leading smart-phones. The new technology has been designed to cope with the demands of the new 4G network, and demand is sure to be high with manufacturers eager to incorporate the antenna in their new products.

The CEO of Sofant explains just what a difference the new micro antenna could make… “Antenna design has not kept pace with the rapid evolution of smart phone technology. Smart phone and tablet users expect to be able to make and take phone calls while browsing the web, send texts while downloading emails and stream data while uploading videos to YouTube. The reality is that, until now, the antenna has acted as a bottleneck to performance in mobile devices. Every new generation of smart phone performs less well than its predecessor, resulting in dropped calls, lost signals, weak connections, slow internet and battery drain. Sofant’s high performance miniaturised antenna will change the performance of smart phones forever”

Amen to that. It looks like the days of frantically waving your phone around in the air, desperately searching for a signal could be coming to an end. For more information on the Sofant antenna, visit