Cirago iAlert Tag – Never Lose Your Apples


We’ve all done it haven’t we? How many times have you put down your iPhone somewhere and forgotten where it is? I know I constantly leave mine in the car or end up ringing it from another phone to locate it.

The iAlert Tag from Apple accessory specialist Cirago is a neat device which will ensure that you’ll never have to go searching for your Apple devices ever again. It’s essentially a viper alarm device which pairs with your iPhone or iPad or both, via Bluetooth 4 and the moment either one is separated from the tag you receive an alert either as a vibration or a preset alarm.

A free companion app is also available which allows you to customise the alert sound you want together with some additional security options. For example if you have the tag on your key ring and have left that somewhere, you can get the tag to sound an alert via your iphone or iPad. You can even use the tag to lock your laptop or notebook if you want to step away from it for a few minutes.

The tag supports the Apple iPhone 4S, 3rd Generation iPad, and Windows PC equipped with Bluetooth 4.

The IAlert Tag’s  low energy emissions means your device will stay active for at least 12 months  before you’ll need to replace the battery.

Patrick Lo, President of Cirago International remarks “The iAlertTag is an easy to use and energy efficient device that can help users track and find their misplaced mobile device.”

Available at Amazon for around £30