Pong: Hi-tech iPhone and iPad cases

It’s pretty hard to get passionate about iPhone cases as I’ve seen many in my time, but even I couldn’t turn down a chance to meet with the minds behind what they were calling “the most technologically advanced iPhone and iPad cases ever”.

I met with Darcy Dinga, Pong VP & GM and over a coffee he proceeded to blow my mind by showing me how my iPhone might just be blowing my mind.


Pong produce a range of specially engineered iPhone cases, with heavily researched patented technology, which protect mobile device’s signal strength while also redirecting cell phone radiation away from the user, by up to 95% below international safety limits as measured on the Specific Absorption Rate or “SAR” scale.

Though a carefully rehearsed slide show Darcy outlined how smartphones produce high levels of radiation and how this can be exacerbated by certain cases – coincidentally one of the very cases I happened to have on me that day. Pong cases redirect this radiation away from your head and body

More importantly, (to my radiation-addled mind), Pong cases feature signal-boosting antenna that means your phone doesn’t have to work quite as hard constantly searching for signals. This has a significant effect not only on call quality but also battery life. I live in a bizarre signal black hole in the middle of East London and struggle to get more than a few bars on my iPhone 4S at times. Whilst Pong cases aren’t magic, they do appear to make a noticable difference. I asked if Pong had any interest in licensing the technology so all iPhone cases could benefit and there would be widespread adoption but at the moment, this isn’t on the road map.

Pong have also worked their magic on the iPad and boost signal strength and WiFi reception whilst shielding from radiation. The Pong iPad case also features a Smart-cover-esque sleep-wake function and an interesting origami folding system that lets you manipulate it into a cover for various viewing angles.

“We are really excited to be launching in the UK following our success in the US. Pong is very proud of its cases, and the technology helps increase 3G/4G reception, battery and signal strength for mobile devices. Whilst the debate on radiation may be up in the air for years to come, we have found that many would like the peace of mind to protect themselves and their children while the research continues. This ‘precautionary principle’ is now being supported by international governments and agencies world-wide.”
Darcy Dinga, Pong VP & GM

Priced only slightly higher than a regular iPhone case, Pong are definitely worth looking into – especially if you have been plagued with signal problems and battery issues.

Pricing: from £39.99 available from www.ponguk.com