Squash drop and knock damage with tough iPhone cases!

I often look on in horror at anyone who doesn’t have his or her iPhone tucked safely inside a case. Although my dismay at ‘caseless iPhones’ probably has a lot to do with the fact that my iPhone, despite being only six months old, has been dropped by my two young boys on several occasions, only to bounce back unscathed, protected by a superduper rubber Tech 21 D30 case.
iPhone and iPad cases, unlike the hordes of superfluous and ineffectual gadget accessories littering the world of tech at present, are a much needed, if not mandatory, accessory and thankfully there are literally hundreds of such products to choose from.

To help you sieve through the surge of iPhone and iPad cases that have arrived on the scene in 2012, we’ve located some of the best of the recent arrivals and an old favourite.


The Incipio Le Deux

If a practical, no-nonsense and inexpensive protective iPhone case is what you’re after then look no further than the Incipio Le Deux. Combining a polycarbonate bumper with a polished, stainless steel backplate, this newly released smartphone case offers a stylish and sturdy plain-speaking protection against those inevitable drops and knocks your treasured device is subjected to, for just $30.

Proporta Microbial Case

Did you know that the average toilet seat festers approximately 49 germs per square inch while the average mobile phone has over 25,000?

Pretty disgusting hey? hence the arrival of the Proporta Microbial Case. Containing an anti-microbial agent, this case wards off 99% of germs. Not only this, but the Proporta Microbial Case is ultra-tough and features a comfy grip panel, which in normal circumstances are place for germs to thrive but not with anti-microbe accessory. And for just £19, you could do a lot worse in your quest to keep your iPhone and in this case yourself protected.

I’m surprised this case wasn’t unveiled when the swine flu ‘pandemic’ of 2009 was wreaking havoc across the world and everyone was wearing masks just to go about their daily lives!

Case-Mate recycled plastic iPhone cases

Made from 100% recycled plastic, Case-Mate’s new range of iPhone cases will go a long way in reducing the carbon footprints of iPhone owners.

Not only do these environmentally conscious cases encourage more sustainable practices – a desirable and trendy feat of modern tech culture – but they also look pretty cool. Being available in white, black, blue, green, orange and pink these eco-friendly cases will help protect your iPhone as well as the environment – not a bad double conquest for just $30!

Schreer Delights Retro iPhone Case

Retro-inspired tech never fails to turn a few heads and no more so than with the Schreer Delights Retro iPhone Case. From ‘Walkie Talkie’ looking cases to ‘Assorted Donughts’, from the ‘Breakfast Club’ to the ‘Rainbow Apple Tree’ case, Schreer Delights have a huge range of retro cases to suit all ages and tastes and, for $45, will guarantee that your iPhone will ‘stand out from the crowd’.

The LTD Tools range of iPhone and iPad cases

If you’ve got quite a lot of money to blow on an iPhone case you might want to take a look at LTD Tools’ ‘cool’ range of tough cases.

Made from aluminium – I personally prefer rubber – these smartphone cases certainly have a ‘machine look’ and are offered in two different styles, both of which have flip up lids that protect the screen. The LTD Tools cases also wrap around the smartphone to protect the whole device.

The 180 iPhone 4 case costs $45 and the 360 iPhone 4 case costs $75 – reasons behind the heftier price tag of the latter are not elaborated upon.