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IT’S MINE: Protect prized possessions

By Hannah Braime,

We’re bombarded with tips designed to help prevent us getting into sticky situations. No matter how hard we try, however, we’re all at risk of petty theft, bag snatching and similar crimes, especially in big cities. IT’S MINE TECHNOLOGY is… Read article


Withings Internet-Connected Scales: WiFi weight loss

By Hannah Braime,

Innovative company Withings have announced the release of the Wireless Scale WS-30, the first in their new line of internet-connected bathroom scales. Combining Bluetooth and wifi connectivity to offer a seamless, PC-free experience from the very first use, the latest… Read article


ASUS PadFone 2: Two Become One

By Hannah Braime,

Asus have unveiled the PadFone 2, the follow-up to the successful original PadFone. Combining an Android smartphone and a dockable tablet for ultimate mobile flexibility, this new PadFone model comes with a range of specifications designed to improve performance and… Read article


Top Compact Cameras for all price ranges

By Hannah Braime,

Small enough to fit in your pocket and a similar standard to some DSLRs, compact cameras offer quality and flexibility. DSLR cameras can be chunky, so compact cameras are the perfect way to take professional-looking shots without having to lug… Read article


Top 5 eReader Accessories

By Hannah Braime,

Light, portable and able to fit over 1,000 books at a time, it’s no surprise that eReaders are a huge hit. With more users, models and books available for eReaders than ever, the number of accessories you can purchase to… Read article


The Changing Face of Software

By Hannah Braime,

The days of floppy disks and CD-ROMS are well an truly over. Not only can we download most of our software online now, but the growth of the open-source market means we can usually find free alternatives to popular tools…. Read article


zBoost 4G DataBlast Signal Booster: Stay connected

By Hannah Braime,

4G is set to be 3G’s stronger, older sister. Providing mobile users with a faster, stronger connection, this network will roll out in 16 UK cities by the end of 2012, and expand further next year. Just like 3G, no… Read article


Pivothead: Putting video cameras in the shades

By Hannah Braime,

Have you ever had that daydream you are being followed by hidden cameras capturing every chance encounter, documenting every time you cross paths with your future partner or gathering evidence in case you suffer a stumble worthy of a hidden… Read article


Keypad Watch: The Perfect Solution for Twitchy Fingers

By Hannah Braime,

Forget what you think you know about watches, the Keypad Watch by RED5 is a time piece with a difference. If the buzz surrounding iPhones, smart watches and the latest all-singing all-dancing tablet leaves you yearning for something a little… Read article