23snaps: Adorable Digital Memory Books


Some of us may use Facebook to document our child’s milestones, achievements, and so on, but are probably well aware that a) our non-child-interested contacts probably sigh every time they find out that little Johnny or Jemima has lost a tooth, learned a new word or done something ‘soooo cute!’ and b) you probably don’t really want to share their every detail with your 237 ‘close’ Facebook friends.

That’s why a pair of dads-to-be came up with the idea for 23snaps, a personalised memory book where you can record photos, videos, milestones – even growth charts – with your very nearest and dearest.

This digital journal means you can share all kinds of precious moments with family and close friends – no matter how far away they live.

23snaps is both a website and an app, and has been built by the two dads with privacy and family in mind. Updates can be shared either in real time or in email digests. Family friendly features include weight and height status updates, joint profiles for partners – even funny sounds to get kids to look at the camera.

And why is it called 23snaps? Did you know that there are 23 pairs of chromosomes that carry all of the genetic information that makes your child a unique person? As they say at 23snaps, one chromosome, like one photograph, is just not enough to tell the whole story. You can find out more at 23snaps or download it from the App Store or Google Play for free.