DJ Rig: Keeping it real on the wheels of steel

Determined to bring as much music making to your iOS device as possible IK Multimedia have added to their iRig series with the DJ Rig a new DJ app. DJ Rig is a full-featured, double-deck DJ mixing app with instant song-playing automatic tempo sync and beat matching, sample-based pads and performance recording, plus an array of high-quality DJ effects.


It’s surprisingly fun and full-featured and whilst it’s not the same as keeping it real on the wheels of steel – or even playing on a Native Instruments Traktor Kontroller it is a fraction of the price and fits in your pocket. I played around with one for a few minutes and it’s surprisingly immersive. I was sent a 52 page manual but even without looking at a page I was able to dive in, get tracks playing, scratch, mix, loop and play with effects so the software design is pretty intuitive.

The app is iPhone only at the moment, which is a shame as the large screen iPad experience makes it much more fun to play with. Hopefully a universal app is on its way. Apart from that, the software seemed rock solid and I didn’t notice any lag, stutter or skipping. Landscape gives you a two-deck set up and flipping to portrait mode lets you focus on just one deck and a clearer view of the waveform you are working with.

The automatic Beat-Match function goes beyond the basic tempo matching found in regular DJ apps and allows anyone to DJ – pretty amazing tech to be crammed into a phone. As with all beat-matching results vary according to the track but it’s generally quite easy to create buttery smooth mixes on the fly.

There are plenty of built-in DJ effects and the XY touch interface is very similar to twiddling with a Kaoss pad. There are stutter, flanger and delay effects as well as classic bandpass effects.

The built-in looping is another sweet addition and easy to set up (you pretty much just hit loop). You can vary the length of the loop and it keeps everything in sync so it’s incredibly fun to play with. There’s also a built-in sampler with all the classic fog horn, applause and gun shot sound fx for you to throw over your mixes.

The app is currently on sale for less that £2 which is incredible value for all the features and would represent good value at £20.

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