Guinness World Records iPad app

Until now, the only record related to the iPad was fastest selling tablet computer. Now, thanks to the Guinness World Records: At Your Fingertips app, users can use the Apple device to break three world records – sprinting, spelling and remembering.


In possibly the most unique use of an app to date, Guinness World Records will record your score on an online leader-board (at, compare it with rivals and eventually crown a new Guinness World Record holder on May 1st, 2011. Essentially, it’s just like any other online score chart, but with the backing of the world’s biggest record-holders

The Games

Fastest 100m on an iPad: Use your fingers to go tip-to-toe with Usain Bolt in an attempt to break his 9.58-second 100m sprint record. The game itself is much like any other computer Olympic running event, although with the added pressure of record-breaking potential.

Fastest alphabet backwards: Speed typing has been done; speed typing the alphabet has been done. What’s left? Oh, doing it backwards. You can get into training for this one before you even download the app, and we’re certain that if you win it’ll look very good on a CV.

Longest sequence memorised: A memory endurance test, where the noises are inspired by human sounds. We’re a little concerned that without a panel of eagle-eyed judges, contestants will just write the answers on paper rather than memorising them. If that’s the case, it’s more of a test of attention-span than memory.

Don’t think any of these will be a walk in the park – you’re bound to face stiff competition from millions of users. After all, the books are the biggest selling copyrighted work of all time, with more than 3 million copies sold annually across the globe.

The Other Stuff

The app isn’t just about breaking records; it’s also concern with telling you about them. It contains 150 photographs, 140 records and 20 video clips of the most interesting and popular Guinness entries.

The two particular highlights are the CGI-video exploration of Bloodhound Supersonic – the soon-to-be world’s fastest car, and a rotating 360° image of the Aurumania Gold Bike Crystal Edition – made of 24-carat gold and 600 Crystallized Swarovski elements.

They’ve even filled it with exclusive interviews from the world record-holder pin-ups, such as Lucky Diamond Rich, the world’s most tattooed man.

The app’s available from the 16th for £2.99, allow be warned: it’s a huge 380MB download.