Arrive in style: Garmin’s sleek Nüvi 3700

With so many Satellite Navigation systems on the market it is difficult to know which one to go for. They generally share the same functionality, so choosing your next sat nav can be a difficult decision. And Garmin thinks that the look of the sat nav can be a deciding factor.

Garmin have decided to design something that looks stunning; it’s the best sat nav in terms of its look that we have ever seen. Their latest incarnation the Nüvi 3700 series is touted as the thinnest on the market and when we first laid eyes on it we actually thought it was a new iPhone and not a Sat Nav.


The responsive, crystal clear LCD display is thinner than CD case at just 8.7mm and shares the pinch gesturing from the iPhone, which allows you to zoom and navigate with ease.

Garmin have spent a lot time making personalising your new sat nav an enjoyable experience. You can give it its own voice by using Garmin’s Voice Studio, so you can make your sat nav come alive with any voice you know and love. The top of the range models comes with a truly hands-free experience via Bluetooth.

The Garmin Nüvi 3700 series comes with the usual plethora of different features including; subscription-free premium pan-European lifetime traffic alerts – something TomTom charge for. Cyclops speed cameras alerts – that will always be alerted about incoming Gatso locations and Park position recall – so you never loose you car when you have parked up.

A new function in this year’s model is the rather clever lane assist and PhotoReal Junction View; which helps you navigate difficult junctions by representing exactly what’s in front of you. This is combined with an unprecedented level of detail showing 3D terrain, buildings and landmarks, which mean the road ahead has never looked so realistic.

We think that this Nüvi 3700 series sat nav is a very impressive piece of kit; sure it’s not a game changer. But the look of the system is sure to win over many people when they first set eyes on it. And with so many of major functions you won’t be compromising on functionality, which Garmin must be applauded for.