Magellan SmartGPS: Map to the future

There’s GPS and then there’s GPS. And then passed that and at the next right is Megellan SmartGPS, a device that integrates social, local and mobile content, including Yelp and Foursquare, through Magellan’s cloud-enabled Smart Ecosystem.


The Magellan SmartGPS is the first navigation device to wirelessly sync your navigation data, (favourite places, contacts), with smartphones or regular computers, and to intelligently deliver stored and dynamic location-based information to the GPS display that is personalised to the driver’s locale.

“Magellan pioneered the GPS navigation industry, and in today’s socially-driven world, we recognise that consumers want and need a much more comprehensive navigation solution that surpasses what traditional GPS devices and smartphones can offer.”

Peggy Fong, President of MiTAC Digital Corporation.

The SmartGPS does this via its contact with with Magellan’s custom-built Smart Ecosystem, an extensive cloud-based database of constantly-updating, location-relevant social media and navigation content automatically pushed to the SmartGPS display.

There’s obviously core navigation features and on-board maps but everyone has those these days – even my phone. The SmartGPS goes one up with valuable, timely information so you can discover places and services around you at the right place and right time. The screen can simultaneously display maps, navigatation, and reviews, tips and offers from Yelp and Foursquare for nearby restaurants, stores and services.

The display works off a series of location-relevant information “squares” that are displayed on the SmartGPS screen and graphically flip between service establishments in the vicinity. Tapping on a square displays detail info including the address, phone and any available special offers or consumer reviews, plus an icon to navigate to their selected destination. In addition, the SmartGPS delivers current gas prices in the vicinity, weather, traffic events and speed camera warnings.

A smartphone Bluetooth connection can also be used to update the SmartGPS information squares with the freshest, dynamic content as the SmartGPS pairs with your phone automatically when you enter the car. You can use this connection for an “always on” connection and to place hands free calls through the SmartGPS.

The Magellan SmartGPS is also compatible with Magellan’s award-winning Wireless Back-up Camera ($149.99 MSRP). When the vehicle is in reverse-mode, the SmartGPS will automatically switch from navigation mode to become a rear-view monitor.

Sadly the Magellan SmartGPS is US only for the moment and will be yours (or theirs) for $249.99 from Spring 2013.