Review: Griffin in-car smartphone mounts

We got our hands on two of Griffin’s recently released hands-free mobile car kits.


Aircurve Window Mount, RRP £24.99: Designed for the iPhone 4 and 4S, the Aircurve has been designed to cradle your phone securely and increase its audio output by up to 25 decibels thanks to some clever acoustic design. This means you will no longer need to strain to hear telephone conversations, GPS instructions or music as you would if you were using a normal window or dashboard mount. The mount itself is sturdy and easy to fix onto a surface, and no cables or batteries are required to use. If you are looking for somewhere to hold your iPhone with optimal audio output, the Aircurve is worth a look. It is very basic mind you, so for the asking price you may be better off shopping around first.

Windowseat Mobile Car Kit, RRP £34.99: Priced in a slightly higher bracket than the Aircurve, the Windowseat car kit is compatible with any modern Smartphone. Along with holding your phone securely, the car kit also includes several plug in cables – an AUX and microphone (so you can plug in to your car stereo), a USB car charger and an iPhone dock connector. If you are looking for a highly flexible hands free kit this really does tick all the right boxes, the USB connectors are a godsend and the mount is easy to set up and use, holding your phone safe and securely. Again, I have a slight concern when it comes to the price of the car kit, but the quality and versatility – you can use it with just about any model of Smartphone – cannot be denied.

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