The Mio Cyclo 305 puts bikers on the map.

We’ve all heard them; the constant whining of cyclists chastising drivers (mainly lorry drivers to be fair) for not giving them enough room on the road. And in many cases they have a point. Having said that, I’m sure we’ve all been cut up by a cyclist at some point too. All in all though they are the poorer citizens as far as road management is concerned. Perhaps now though, they might feel a little more loved as they now have their very own custom sat nav systems to play with courtesy of personal navigation specialist Mio.


The Cyclo 300 and 305 come with pre installed maps from top digital mapper TeleAtlas and are more or less ready to go straight out of the box. Fitting snugly on the bike frame, the Cyclo’s big on screen buttons are super friendly for cyclists (can you feel the love growing) and make navigation a breeze. There’s even a ‘surprise me’ option when planning a route to take you on a magical mystery tour to your chosen destination. The unit itself is able to handle many kinds of weather situations given that it’s impact resistant and waterproof whilst the 3” anti glare screen provides clear enough instructions for recreational cyclists or even the more demanding needs of a trained mountain biker.

To make bikers feel even more loved they can share key route information such as time, speed, distance, height and calorie consumption with other users using Mio’s desktop software. If you go for the 305 version though, you get an additional wireless wheel sensor to monitor and record your heart rate and fitness levels that you can also share with other pedal bashers if you want to.

So is this the dawn of moan free cycling?  After all, with cycle friendly routes at your very finger tips, pedal power’s never had it so good!

Mio Cyclo 300 with Western-Europe Maps    £299.00

Mio Cyclo 305 with Western-Europe Maps    £349.99

Due out early 2012. www.mio.com/cyclo