Samsung and 14 Bike co team up to make tablet bike holder

If you live in a built up urban area with a proliferation of cool kids it’s pretty hard not notice the sea of cool kids on single speed bicycles – and the even cooler kids on fixed gear bicycles. And it’s also pretty hard not to notice all the cool kids wandering around with tablet computers. So why oh why can’t their worlds collide? And I’m not talking about cyclists crashing into people walking the street glaring at tablets and not looking where they are going. Although I have seen that.


Bespoke bicycle manufacturer 14 Bike co and Samsung have collaborated to create a top of the range road bike with a holder designed to house your Galaxy Tab 10.1. I’m very familiar with 14 Bike Co’s products and have owned two of their bikes (the first was stolen). The quality of their bikes is seriously impressive – so much so that the first one I bought was stolen from me within a week and the second lies reverently unridden in my living room.

For its size, the Samsung 10.1 is one of the thinnest tablets out there at 8.6 mm and weights a mere 565 grams so it’s not going to unnecessarily bulk out your commute. The Tab holder is designed by F1 manufacturers and is also super light at just 125 grams. The bike itself is a hand built steel frame with a black and white cookie style design (because you can get a black or white Tab apparently).

The Tab holder is detachable and is made from carbon fibre – with the same specification as you’d expect on F1 cars. This gives it an really high strength-to-weight ratio, which you’d expect if you were going to strap something as valuable as a tablet to something as precarious as a bicycle.

14 Bike Co mostly make bikes to order so if you’ve been missing a 10 inch tablet from the side of your tablet (and I know I have) then contact John (I’ve met him and he’s very nice) from 14 bike co here.