Autoglass 2020 Vision

Fortune-telling is a dubious business. And if Gypsy women with mystic balls and hordes of magic charms aren’t to be believed, what chance do windscreen manufacturer Autoglass have? Well, when the future is this cool, hopefully quite a lot.


Autoglass has created a “2020 Vision campaign”, pondering what information our windscreens will show us in 2020.

The video, included below, suggests combining augmented reality, visual sensors and GPS technology to make – undeniably – one of the coolest windscreens we’ve ever seen.

Key information such as speed, fuel and car issues are displayed right on the glass, meaning you never have to look anywhere else. It also means you’ll feel like you’re playing Wipeout 2097 or any other futuristic racing sim, where overlays keep you up-to-date about your racer.

It also shows overlays for nearby places of interest, which, using GPS technology is already widely implemented – only now, it’s got an awesome display. It also prompts deals along the bottom of the screen for nearby restaurants or bars – something that could be genuinely useful for road users (and might help supplement the huge rising costs of fuel!)

Visual sensors could also be implemented, recognising nearby pedestrians and cyclists and highlighting them as potential hazards. It’s all very computer-gamey – and therefore awesome.

The demo shows pedestrians being highlighted, deals popping up (perhaps distractingly so…) and the fuel gauge drop low, whereby the screen informs the driver of the location of the nearest petrol station and directs him on-screen, with arrows overlaying atop the real world.

The soundtracks pretty cool, too.