iBike Dash Cycling Computer

It seems there is no end to the versatility of your iPhone as entrepreneurial creatives continuously find more opportunities to harness its resources in ways its original designers never thought possible.

Now cyclists get the benefits with an app and hardware combo that provides personal fitness coaching as you pedal.


Developed by Velocomp, a leader in cycling computers and power metres, the iBike Dash app provides real time speed, distance and ride time calculations in combination with the built in iPhone GPS, as well as monitoring your heart rate and calories burned using on board sensors. A ‘smart phone booth’ provides safe and snug housing for your iPhone and protects it from water and road shock, so you’re all set to pedal your way to health and fitness.

The app allows for full touch screen control even when you’re wearing cycling gloves and will provide odometer readings of your progress, whilst the calendar feature will keep track of your weekly performance so you’ll quickly be able to see how you’ve improved. There’s even a built in virtual coach who’ll help you pace yourself properly as you grind out those last few miles.

Handily, Velocomp has included a rechargeable quick swap battery in the phone booth to give you an extra seven hours talk time, just as well as the unit is fully compatible with any standard Bluetooth headset device.

If you’re not interested in fitness, but just looking for a robust way of safely fitting your iphone onto your bike instead, the iBike Phone Booth bicycle mount will tick that box for you. It uses the same materials you find in bike helmets so plenty of protection there, and provides the same water and shock protection as the iBike Dash.

The iBike Dash Cycling Computer is available now at £199 from Apple stores worldwide.