Review: Parrot ASTEROID car receiver


Parrot, the so-called ‘King of the Bluetooth’, seems to be living up to its name with the Parrot Asteroid, a hands-free telephony system that, via Google Android, facilitates web connectivity, fabricating a purported “new generation of in-car technology”. This glossy and good-looking stereo system, which is likely to enhance even the most suave of car dashboards, comes equipped with a GPS dongle, which, once connected to the car receiver, enables users to enjoy several on-line services previously unattainable with less technologically refined car stereo systems.

One such urbane feature includes Parrot Maps, a cartography service which, not only locates a vehicle’s location and identifies the names of nearby streets and businesses, but also enables drivers to plan an itinerary and to dial – hands-free – related numbers – Great for delivery drivers unable to locate a business on a labyrinth-like industrial estate!


The Parrot Asteroid’s geo-localisation technology will also alert drivers of the nearest petrol stations and car parks, as well as being informed of real-time traffic updates.

This multi-compatible car stereo enables drivers to cruise along to their favourite tunes from various sources, including a USB Key, MP3 player, iPhone, iPod, SD card, and, thanks to a 3G card, which incidentally is not provided with the product and has to be bought separately, online radio stations.

Stuck on a five-mile tailback on the M3 and itching for somebody to talk to? Rectify the situation by talking to your Parrot Asteroid!  A singular Parrot Asteroid button enables drivers to counteract the galling effects long-distance solo driving can have on drivers, as users can tell their Parrot Asteroid the name of an artist or album they want on, and this highly innovative device, will immediately locate and play the artist of choice. What’s more, if an artist or album is unable to be located in the peripherals connected to the Asteroid, if a 3G Key is attached to the car stereo system, a search will automatically begin on online musical libraries – Exemplifying the crux of hands-free telephony.

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