No looking back in anger needed anymore with Reevu

Here’s one sure fact. If it wasn’t for motorsports, the world would be a lot less safe than it is today. The technology behind making motor racing safer, has eventually found its way onto our roads and that’s a good thing. However, whilst all this lovely innovation has made our cars safer, it has to be said that motor bikers have had a pretty raw deal so far.


Up to now, the best solution for bikers to see behind them has been some rather ungainly clip on mirrors that are anything but fashionable. Well they can be pretty pleased now that Reevu has decided to make its revolutionary motorsports helmet technology available for domestic traffic use. The Reevu 2011 motorbike helmet lets riders see behind them for the very first time using state of the art in-helmet optical technology.

The helmet allows riders to maintain awareness of traffic conditions behind them in the same way as a car driver uses a rear view mirror, but the challenge was to achieve this despite the very limited space available within your helmet.  They cracked it using a set of bullet-proof coated optics that riders could adjust to their own preferences to enable a fully bespoke fit.

There are no electronic systems, cameras or screens, just an ingenious reflective polycarbonate device that ‘bends’ the view of the road behind and presents a clear image to the wearer. Almost like using a HUD but the image sits just at the top of your vision, so you can see the road ahead normally and the road behind by a gentle look up. After a while it becomes second nature, or so company founder Graham Steele says, himself a lifelong campaigner for increased safety for bikers. So much so that it’s taken over ten years of research to launch this innovative helmet.

The Reevu 2011 £249.