Tom Tom takes multi tasking to a faster level

Not content with taking the sat nav world by the scruff of the neck and shaking it until all the completion falls away, Tom Tom is seemingly making itself almost indispensible to other hardware manufacturers too. Tom Tom has long led the in car sat navigation market with its wide range of driver friendly, intuitively easy to use devices that have got me out of hopelessly lost causes, pointing the way home from the middle of nowhere on more than one occasion.


With the launch of the new high speed multi charger, Tom Tom is taking its driver responsibilities to even higher levels. Now we can not only ensure our saintly sat nav is fully charging, but also while we’re at it, charge a few other peripherals too. Why not hook up an iPhone, an iPad, and a juice hungry DVD at the same time at four times the speed of normal rechargers?

The new high speed multi charger can charge up to three devices simultaneously without any reduction of power unlike other chargers where power is split between ports. There are two USB ports, one at 1.2 amps for standard mobile phones or mp3 players and another at 2.1 amps for more power heavy iPhones and iPads plus a dedicated 12 volt port too for larger devices such as DVD players.

Corinne Vigreux, Managing Director at TomTom delivers the final  knock out punch: “Sleek, small and boasting TomTom’s award-winning design, this is is the first TomTom accessory that enables users to charge their sat nav device and other mobile devices at the same time – it’s a neat in-car, in-truck, or in-caravan charger”.

The new high speed  multi charger will be available  online and at most major electrical retailers for £19.99