Pioneer AVH-3300BT in-car entertainment system: Busting the boredom of car journeys

“Mum are we there yet?”, “Dad I need the toilet!”, “I feel sick going round these windy bends!” It’s an unfortunate but well-known fact that children and long car journeys do not go well together, with the scenario of siblings starting to whinge, becoming restless and fighting, even before you have reached the motorway, being a common situation in most families embarking on a car journey. This relentless restlessness children feel obliged to execute when their exasperated parents are trying to drive and navigate is a toxic mix of excitement for the holiday and the boredom of sitting in a car for hours. Whilst we would never want to ease our little darlings’ pre-holiday excitement, the latter affliction can be seriously reduced, if not eliminated entirely, with the Pioneer AVH-3300BT in-car entertainment system.


Boasting an ample 5.8inch screen means that all your brood will be able to see the screen, immediately abolishing the “I can’t see the picture” quips that often occur when parents are desperately trying to pacify their kids on journeys by placing a portable DVD player in front of their noses with such a tiny screen, it invokes frustration and irritability instead of eliminating it, on both sides of the car.

In featuring iPhone/iPod connectivity, squabbling over what CD to put on is also diminished, as the whole family can enjoy listening to music via USB from any iPhone or iPod. This highly sophisticated in-car entertainment system, when put into ‘App mode’, enables you to listen and watch video content from your apps on the huge touch screen monitor. Games can also be played – a definite child nullifier – likewise YouTube footage can be watched.

In featuring Parrot Bluetooth technology means you will stay on the right side of the law by not grappling with a phone set whilst driving when the eagerly awaiting family or friends you are visiting make that inevitable “where are you now?” call.

With Easter and – thanks to the Royal Wedding – the additional bank holiday looming, many families, up and down the country, will be planning an Easter escape. With thoughts of in-car boredom perhaps determining how far you are willing to travel with your brood, Pioneer could not have got the launching of the AVH-3300BT more spot-on, as even the prospect of forking out £339.99 on this innovatory in-car entertainment system will not put off many desperate parents, who would do anything for a quiet drive.