K100 Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone: One giant leap for handsfree calling

Here’s a fact you that, unless you are an employee of Plantronics or a serious moonlanding buff, you probably won’t know. Plantronics provided the headset that Neil Armstrong wore when he first stepped out of the Apollo 11 and onto the Moon in 1969, and relayed his infamous ‘one small step…’ quote.

Now, to matters of relevance; them at Plantronics have left the Moon behind and developed something for use purely in Earth-bound vehicles; the K100 Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone. It’s an ingenious little thing that clips onto your cars visor rendering, we can only hope, the demise of deluded fools that think Bluetooth headsets give them an air of importance and style.


Once in place it is designed to sync your smartphones and in car systems in what is apparently- and even a cynic like yourself can’t find too much issue with the wording- a ‘robust advancement of mobile technology’. In essence it’s a two way microphone with inbuilt digital signal processing technology. This will keep outside noise out, yours and the person on the other end of the phones clear as a window, while the apparently high quality speaker will ensure everything is being broadcast at a volume that you won’t have to shush the missus to hear.


What makes it really special, though, is the fact you can now make your phone and your radio the best of friends and transmit music, conversation, GPS and anything else that makes sounds through their phone and into the car stereo. In the age of the ever prevalent iPhone this sounds like a very good thing indeed, though whether or not I’d want to hear my Uncle Hamish’s voice blaring out of the stereo is another thing altogether.

Set-up is minimal, as is the controls; their are only 3 buttons, each large and eminently pressable for even the most pudgy thumbed among us. There’s also an impressive 17 hours of talk time and 15 hours of standby so you won’t need to be charging before every journey. All in all…pretty cosmic.