Toshiba’s ZL2 TV gives you 3D viewing without the specs

Even though 3D is still not a convincing enough medium to have cracked the home market, television manufacturers seem convinced that ultimately it will be and so doggedly pursue ways and means to tempt up into going for it. The problem has always been the glasses you have to wear to enjoy the 3D experience.


So imagine a 55 inch LCD television that gives you a cracking 3D image without having to look like someone auditioning for Joe 90. Yes, those dodgy specs can finally be binned.. Not only that, this telly has face recognition technology in it too, so no matter where you are in the room you’ll get the best possible image. And what’s more it can handle up to nine people at the same time. That’s pretty serious technology that is. In a way you’ve lost the specs but gained more spec if you get my drift.

This amazing glasses-free 3D technology is based on the principle of simultaneously delivering one normal picture for the left eye, and another one with a slightly offset parallax view for the right eye. Then, a range of lenticular lenslets deliver the 3D image to each viewer.

Not content to just deliver deliberate 3D images to us, the ZL2’s CEVO engine which incorporates a Quad Full HD display  offering  up to 3840 x 2160, converts ordinary 2D into sparking 3D right before your very eyes, so your standard DVD’s Blu Ray and live broadcasts can all benefit from a bit 3D magic.

Sonically, the ZL2 has a built in sub woofer and as part of the overall package you get 4 HDMI ports and wifi which by connecting through your home router you can turn you iPhone into a remote control .through a downloadable app.

The only drawback to all this luscious technology is the price which is reputed to be eye watering.