WTF? taking extravagant Christmas gifts to new extremes

Whilst the repercussion of the 2008 recession are still rippling across the nation meaning most of us are ‘tightening out belts’ this Christmas, quirky gift retailer,, are confident that the gloomy ramifications of Britain’s spendthrift culture of previous years has not been replaced by a thriftiness to rival Scrooge. Although we’ve got to admit that Firebox’s ‘WTF’ – ‘What the Firebox’ range of extravagant Christmas gifts, does leave you tempted to reach for the credit card once more.


Possessing such a highly suggestive acronym ‘WTF’, has certainly succeeded in creating a memorably titled Christmas range. Although equally as memorable is the content of this highly decadent Christmas stocking-filler collection.

Union Jack Coffee Table


This colourful piece of furniture, which features an illuminating table top and down light that projects graphics, is guaranteed to brighten up a living room, as well as the lives of any rich and patriotic Brit unwrapping it on Christmas morning.

The Batmobile


Batman’s batmobile has long been the envy of luxury and gadget-enhanced car enthusiasts and even puts Q’s outrageous gadgets in the shade. This officially licensed 1966 Batmobile features a flamethrower, an aluminium roll-top dashboard, a flashing beacon light and even plenty of leg room to fantasy of those Gotham City battles with The Joker – Definitely a winner for the kids as well as the ‘big kids’ in your life.

Villain Chair


This truly luxurious, oversized, handmade from steel, chrome and leather ‘Villain Chair’ is perhaps an apt gift for bosses who aim to take ‘villainous’ images to levels similar to James Bond’s archrival Blofeld – All that’s missing now is the white, Persian cat.

Giant Mathmos Lava Lamp


Lava lamps have long been a favourite stocking filler, although at this price, the Giant Mathmos Lava Lamp is exclusively for those not still burdened by the effects of the credit crunch. This 2m tall lava lamp will last for approximately 2,000 hours – we should certainly hope so for £2,500!

Seabreacher X Watercraft


Forgive us when we suggest that this could be the ‘ultimate’ of decadent Christmas gifts, but this dolphin-shaped submersible watercraft enables those lucky enough to play around with it, to jump, dive and roll on top of and underneath the water. This two-seater watercraft, powered by a Totax engine, can travel up to 50 mph and 25mph underwater.

Ultrason Edition 10 Headphones


Once you have recovered from being told headphones can be this expensive, you’ll be wanting to know how they can justify such a price tag. These limited edition headphones possess Ethiopian Sheepskin leather ear cup pads, titanium plated drivers, wood ear cup inlays and Kevlar coated cables. Featuring S-Logic Plus technology you can wear these headphones for long amounts of time without your ears hurting and with MU-Metal shielding it reduces radiation by up to 98%.

Pure Platinum Cube Puzzle


Anything that is made from pure platinum naturally will cost thousands, £100,000 is this case. We can only assume the Pure Platinum Cube Puzzle, which consists of 12 different pure platinum squares, will remain a luxury gift to be opened by the Coleen Rooney’s and Victoria Beckham’s of the world.