TruLink 1-Port 60GHz WirelessHD Kit review

Like most people reading this, I have shiny flat screen TV and nothing detracts from its futuristic chic more than the mess of cables and wires dangling from the back. I can wirelessly stream HD content from YouTube or my local network or hard drives, which feels like I’m living in the future. But one peek behind the set and the tangled mess of wires instantly reminds me of a Korg MS20 or an old-fashioned phone switchboard. CablesToGo want to drag me kicking and screaming into the future with the TruLink 1-Port 60GHz WirelessHD Kit.


Simplicity is the watch word with the Wireless HD Kit and when the loan unit arrived at LG Towers we were surprised at how little there was to the device. It’s pretty much just two black boxes (like miniature bricks almost) with an on/off switch and an HDMI slot at the back. The remote control has an on/off button and a “Wireless” button. I’m not going to go as far as to say it’s idiot proof technology. But it’s pretty close.

The TruLink 1-Port 60 GHz WirelessHD Kit enables high definition wireless transmission between your television and your HDMI components. You can have full HD 1080p signal from your computer, Blu-ray player, yada yada yada to your HDMI-enabled television. As I’ve said, it’s almost the living embodiment of plug-and-play and requires no software, no drivers and no setup. 

But we’ve all been burned by promises of technological marvels before. Does it work? Well yes after a fashion. Similar to the TruLink Wireless VGA kit we tested last week (they really hate cables over at TruLink it seems) picture quality is clear and stutter free if you don’t go crazy with the limits. It’s fun seeing how far back you can take your laptop before the signal starts to cut out and for most people the distance is reasonable – you can stash all your hi-tech bumpf in one corner of the room and let your lovely flat screen shine in all its glory on the other side.

Alternatively, you can also dig a massive tunnel through your walls and snake cable through – but I lack the bravery to try and this seems like a slightly more elegant solution.

TruLink WirelessHD HDMI – the ultimate accessory?

There’s a pretty good chance if you’re reading this, you’ve utilised the magic of HDMI in your living room. If you want video and audio goodness, wrapped up in the same cable then HDMI is the secret sauce. And pretty much everything in my living room has that output slot at the back – it’s pretty much the USB port of the living room (although … there are quite a lot of USB ports in my living room these days). Oh and by the way … the shiny gold £100 leads they try to sell you in the store – ignore them and get the cheapest Amazon Basics or Tesco (other retailers are available) leads that you can get your hands on.


But cable tangle can ruin a beautiful living room set up. And with flatscreen TV’s getting cheaper and thinner (and seriously you can get a 40” flatscreen for about £300 is you really want) you don’t want to cables dangling everywhere – especially if you’ve gone through all the trouble (and it is a lot of trouble) of wall mounting your TV.

Flying into to save the day is the TruLink 1-Port 60 GHz WirelessHD Kit, a plug and play solution that automagically enables high definition wireless transmission between your television and HDMI inputs – most likely your AV receiver. TruLink claim that no software, drivers or setup is involved and we’ll have a unit to test early next year. If what they say is true (and why would you name your company that if it wasn’t) then it sounds like an excellent component to beam uncompressed audio and video to your home entertainment set up. We have no technical details on quality, distance or if ARC and 3D support works with the TruLink WirelessHD Kit, but as soon as we know, we’ll tell you. Or if you are feeling adventurous run to cables to go and check it out.

Prestigio and Canyon’s UK launch: Wireless HDMI, ebook readers and nettops

You may not have heard of Prestigio or Canyon. Prestigio and Canyon are well known around Europe, outside of UK. They are now launching their collections in the UK. Prestigio is a high-end technology brand. Their products include eBook readers, gaming PCs and iPhone accessories. Canyon is aimed at a younger audience. Canyon’s latest range is Graffiti which includes headphones, webcams and laptops cases all made with graffiti designs over the products.


Prestigio have several interesting products with some nice features. One of their best products is the Wireless HDMI bridge. If you are reading this site, you no doubt have multiple sources of HD displays including Sky, Blu-ray or even a gaming console. The Wireless HDMI Bridge lets you display HD on one screen while the receiver is another room. If I had this, I would play on my games in my bedroom while the Playstation3 is in the living room. You can transmit to multiple screens so for sports fan, why not show that football match across several screens?

Prestigio enter the saturated eBook reader with the Libretto PER5062B. They claim it is the slimmest eBook reader with WiFi at 8.8mm thin. It is different from other eReaders as it has a SiPix touch display which responds faster then eInk. It does come with a pouch so you will not need to buy a case with this. If you are looking for a budget eReader, the Libretto PER5062B is worth a shot.

For computing, Prestigio offer the Emporio ION 330 which features a mount so the unit can be hidden behind a TV, turning your TV into a PC display. The mini-unit features an Intel Atom Processor N330, 2GB and 250GB hard drive. The specifications are not amazing but the most appealing feature is its ability to be hidden and save space. If it is power you want, this might not be the one for you.

If you like customizing your tech and making a statement, Canyon have the Graffiti range for you. The range includes headphones, laptop cases and bags. Each product is covered in graffiti with four designs to choose from so you can make a set if you fancy overkill. The headphones do not output the best sound quality so these are not for audiophiles. The graffiti designs on the laptop bags are outstanding and stand out and the bags are padded with several compartments.

What do you think? Would you consider buying from new brands for innovation or do you buy from the big names that you trust?

Marmitek GigaView820: A view from a wireless HDMI bridge

Did you ever watch those 70’s TV shows set in the future? Wires were distinctively absent from the predictions. Why? Because wires aren’t cool, and shouldn’t exist in idyllic future scenarios. Marmitek agrees, and has decided to conquer the problem of HDMI cables with its GigaView820 technology.


The GigaView820 package comes in two distinct parts – the transmitter and receiver. The receiver tucks neatly away behind the TV, while the transmitter connects to two HD sources. Once hooked up, all possible digital resolutions can be wireless transferred over the 5.1 – 5.6GHz frequency, including 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p @ 60fps (Full HD).

Repsonse times are clocked at under 1ms, so the technology will have absolutely no problems with computer games. It also fulfils 100% of the HDCP standard, meaning devices using High-bandwidth Digital Copy Protection, which only transmit a digital signal to devices that also support HDCP, are fully compatible with the GigaView820.

Strangely for a wireless device, the GigaView line has a history of actually living up to its wireless promises. Marmitek claims a line-of-sight distance of 30 metres without compression. Reviews for the earlier model (the 800), which promised a 20m range, indicate that 10m in a real-world (read: walled) environment certainly has no problem. If the new GigaView820 stretches that range to 15m, which it should, you’re looking at a very fine wireless HDMI solution.

Aside from adding to the range, the new model includes a switch on both the transmitter and the receiver, letting you use the remote control to change between the two inputs on the transmitter, or the receiver and a cabled HDMI-source on the television.

Marmitek have also managed to bring down the cost of the unit, launching at around £349 – two pounds cheaper than the old model currently retails for.

Audiophiles will also be pleased, as AC3 and DTS surround streams are fully supported – with a maximum bitrate of 6Mbps. Unfortunately for small children, however, there is no 3D support as yet.

The lack of 3D puts a real dampener on what is otherwise an excellent device. It means that the GigaView solution isn’t entirely future-proof – a sure-fire disappointment for 70’s sci-fi fans. On the plus side, if you hate cables and don’t care about 3D (most of the world), the 820 may be the perfect device for you.