CES 2015 Video: Kelvin, the wireless wine thermometer

The perfect wine, they say, must be served at the perfect temperature in order to capture its true taste. Kelvin aims to help those trying to gain this perfect temperature in the easiest way possible. It does this by wirelessly monitoring the temperature of the bottle, and sending notifications to your smartphone depending on the temperature. You’ll be notified when the temperature is too high or low, and when it’s at the perfect drinking temperature. This will keep avid connoisseurs happy at wine parties – the perfect wine is bound to impress. Watch the video above to see the Kelvin in action.

The Kelvin is available now for £39.99. Visit Kelvin to find out more.

Top 5 Ingenious Bathroom Gadgets

We all spend a varying proportion of our time in the bathroom, be it for nature’s necessities, taking a long relaxing shower or pruning ourselves for a night out. If you are of the inclination to spend perhaps a little more time in the bathroom than really required, you’ll be pleased to be informed about five great bathroom-orientated devices on the market, designed to make restroom visit more interesting, pleasant and fun.

The Kohler Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker

As you soap yourself up in your shower you can gyrate to your favourite music with the Kohler Moxie. An extremely civilised showerhead, which has a cordless magnetic easy fit speaker in its centre, the Kohler Moxie is the perfect way to listen to liven up your shower.

The cordless speaker picks up a signal from a Bluetooth device up to 30ft away. The internal battery is said to last for up to seven hours between charging, which should satisfy even the longest of the long-stay bathroom types. Whilst you can use the speaker anywhere, it is tailor made to fit magnetically like a hand in a glove within the showerhead.

Showerhead Speaker


Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

For the dieters and image-conscious amongst us, scales are an integral feature in the bathroom. If you are weary about owning scales that you suspect aren’t tracking your weight accurately, you may want to exchange your existing scales for the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale.

The Fitbit Aria loads data such as weight and height wirelessly to a private Fitbit account and then analyses the information, giving details about your BMI and body fat percentage. All manner of personal graphs and charts are available for you to study and muse over. What’s more, the Aria scale can deal with eight accounts at once so a whole family can spend additional minutes in the bathroom being monitored!

For £99, the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale could be a good investment for those striving to lose weight. Failing that, you could adopt rock star Ozzie Osborne’s approach, who once said of his successful plunge down the scales: “You just drop your ****** fat intake and do some ****** exercise!”

Fitbit Aria


Talking Toilet Roll Holder

Oh what fun for £12.99 – You can record a message on the Talking Toilet Roll Holder and it is replayed as the paper is unwound. Leave a message for your children, such as: “Now please wash your hands but don’t use too much of the very expensive hand wash.” Maybe you will leave a more deeply voiced and sinister message at a party: “I am the God of the Bog and I have been watching you” – A little bit sick but hey, we all like a laugh!

Talking Toilet Roll Holder


Toilet Time Pro

If you are of the tendency to spend too much more time on the toilet, whether it is due to reading a book or flipping through the social media channels on your iPhone, Toilet Time Pro could be an invaluable asset. Toilet Time Pro is basically an alarm clock app that tells you when your time is up on the loo! Presumably you can alter the time allowance if you are suffering from a complaint such as Delhi Belly?

You can download the first and only toilet time controller app for £0.69 at iTunes


Bath Wine Glass Holder

This delightfully civilised little gadget allows you to relax even more in the bath with a securely-positioned glass of your favourite wine next to you. If you know someone who likes to spend hours in the bath surrounded by candles and aromas and enjoys a drop of wine, for just £7.50 this ingenious bathroom gadget would surely make the perfect gift.

Bath Wine Glass Holder

And … breathe. Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator: Letting your wine relax the Californian way

Now, this is my idea of heaven, a story that combines my favourite alcoholic beverage (wine) with some form of delectable gadgetry.

Now, not only is this a clever idea, but also, according to its name, it is a vital piece of it – why else would they have called it the Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator?


As most of you will know, red wine tastes better if it allowed to ‘breathe’ – i.e. left open to the air for a time. This apparently allows the aromas and flavours to be released. And that’s why it is tradition for red wines to be decanted from the bottle into a – er – decanter. But, true to form, in our busy modern world, we just don’t have time for all that faffing around (in the olden days they had butlers to do that sort of thing for you).

If you don’t have a butler, but do have a penchant for a good glass of red wine, some nice folk in California have come up with the wine aerator. All you do is hold the little gizmo over your wine glass, pour your wine into it and it will aerate it as it flows into your glass. Apparently it draws in and mixes the proper amount of air for the right amount of time, instantly allowing wine to breathe.

‘Vinturi accelerates the breathing process, enabling wine lovers to fully enjoy their wine from the very first sip, rather than waiting an hour or more for traditional decanting,’ says Rio Sabadicci, Vinturi’s inventor.

The makers also claim that this processes offers a smoother finish, as the Vinturi aerator is effective at softening tannins that can produce a bitter aftertaste.
As well as looking quite pretty, there is a scientific side to the Venturi, which its makers describe thus: “The design applies Bernoulli’s principle, which states that as the speed of a moving fluid increases, the pressure within the fluid decreases. When wine is poured in the Vinturi, its design creates an increase in the wine’s velocity and a decrease in its pressure. This pressure difference draws in air, which is mixed with wine for perfect aeration.” So, now you know.

The Vinturi Essential Aerator retails at £39.95 from the likes of Amazon and Zavvi.com