Accel’s Voyager: Connected Car Smartphone Technology


Considering integrated GPS and mobile telephony has been around for many years now, we all have something we use in our cars for hands free communications or navigation, via either Bluetooth connectivity or built right into the car’s console display system. Either way, the technology is no stranger.

However, in many cases getting an all singing and dancing console system is only available in top of the range models, so perhaps something which offers an alternative but with the added benefit of WiFi might well be a very handy device indeed.

Voyager from Israeli based telecommunications company Accel may well be the answer. It is a stand alone connected car smartphone which can be easily installed in any car and operates using an existing phone number via a twin-SIM.

The Android software works with an HSUPA Qualcomm module to deliver Waze navigation, an innovative social media based GPS system offering turn by turn directions garnered from community data, an in-car 3G WiFi Hotspot connection, voice activated dialling and even on board engine diagnostics via Bluetooth or RS232. Google and Exchange are already built in to the software and accessed via the hard keys on the device.

“Our user-friendly, cost effective and secure Carfone devices have seen substantial market success. We expect strong demand for the new generation VOYAGER Connected Car Smartphone device in both European and US markets in line with recent industry reports and our own research with industry influencers.”

Marc Seelenfreund, CEO Accel

Voyager is poised to enter the European market but prices are yet to be finalised.