Find your voice with two new voice recorders from Olympus

Olympus has just released two compact, easy-to-use VN voice recorders, which are perfect for taking notes and ‘writing’ shopping lists as well as practising for speeches, presentations and lectures. The VN-7700 is £39.99, while the VN-7600 comes in at a very reasonable £34.99.


Both can be operated hands-free, thanks to their voice-activated recording facility, so you can quickly add to a shopping list or send yourself a quick reminder even while you’re driving or typing or holding the baby, or whatever.

You can choose from three recording qualities (Q/SP and LP), and Noise Cancelling technology should ensure you get clear dialogue even when there’s lots of background noise. You can choose to balance sound quality against recording time depending on your needs.

The VN-7700 has 2 GB of storage, which allows you to record more than 1100 hours of recordings on LP mode. The VN-7600 can record 55 hours on LP, to store on its 1Gb of memory. Both have an excellent 80 hours of battery life.

Other features include a timer recording functionality, alarm, variable speed playback and repeat and continuous playback modes (VN-7700 only). It is also possible to save up to 200 recorded files for playback in each of the four folders, while a 16-point index function allows you to mark important sections of a recording so it is easy to find and play them back. The VN-7700 also allows recorded files to be divided or repeatedly played back in segments, which is great for long recordings.

The recorders will be available from July from Amazon, Comet and Dixons. More tails at