UrbanHello: Giving the home phone some smarts

Adding “smart” to the home phone seems like an obvious leap, especially since the proliferation on clever mobile phones has been so succesful. Then again with such wonderful mobiles and with companies such as ePure replicating the home phone experience on the mobile perhaps the home phone is a thing of the past?

UrbanHello, a young French start-up begs to differ and has taken CES by storm with its Innovations Award-winning UrbanHello home phone.


Beautifully designed (the company liken it to a bouquet of flowers) the Home Phone is also designed with simplicity in mind and comes in a range of colours to blend with interior decor if that sort of thing matters to you. But what about the tech?

The Home Phone’s mechanical keyboard is stripped of all superfluous functions unlike previous attempts at home smartphone that have tried to unnecessarily cram the whole Android experience into a home handset. The Home Phone has a Less is More take and only features the essential buttons with only one single obvious function per button. Two discrete OLED displays are located on the top and at the bottom of the handse and self activate only when in use to reduce power consumption.

The Home Phone has HD sound so your calls should be much clearer. It’s also context sensitive and knows when it should be a loudspeaker for conference calls or multi-person chats. The telephone automatically switches to hands-free and transmits 360° High Definition sound. The inbuilt 360° speaker reproduces deep bass sounds and transmits a natural, profound and clear sound. This ease is supposed to encourage shared conversation.

“The Smartphone was conceived for the individual. The Home Phone was designed for the whole household.”

Hervé Artus, Founder of UrbanHello.

It should also be plug and play in most households – the UrbanHello handset is 100% compatible with any standard DECT-GAP base station and with any advanced internet gateway with the CAT-iq standard.

UrbanHello has launched a campaign on KickStarter. The first UrbanHello products are available for pre-order from $85. For more information check out UrbanHello.