Ion Twin Video camera: Perfect for double-takes

The latest Twin Video camera from Ion could change the face of You’ve Been Framed for ever! The latest take on the handheld video camera, the Twin Video has a front and rear lens, so, so you can record your reaction when your toddler falls asleep into his dinner, or when that stray football comes hurtling towards your face.


As you’re recording, you can also switch the 2.5in screen to view either what’s in front of you, or yourself, and when you go to edit the film on your PC (it’s not Mac-compatible), you can split the screen to watch both video feeds at the same time – or view them picture-in picture.

The Twin Video records 640×480 resolution videos onto a standard SD or SDHC card, has a 3x digital zoom, and films at 30fps.

The makers have designed the weighted handle to allow for steadier recording, and there is also a light on both sides of the camera for filming in dark situations. The lithium-ion battery is charged via USB or mains power.

The Twin Video is about the same size as the hugely popular Flip Mino, and its extra features might just be the deciding factor for many buyers. But how often you’d actually want to use the twin video facility depends on the user – it could be fun on a rollercoaster, we guess.

The ION Twin Video will be available from at £119.99