ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Tablet

Being as light as a feather, non-slip, scratch resistant and pump-proof, at last there is a robust and sturdy tablet designed for ‘real life’. And given the Eee Pad Transformer’s multitude of features and uses, nobody can accuse ASUS of not considering ‘life’s demands’, when designing this extraordinary and portable tablet. Although mentioning all of this highly sophisticated gadget’s functions and abilities would use up too much space on the Latest Gadget website, so we’ll have to make do with highlighting the best this hugely anticipated tablet has to offer.


Vaunting a unique hybrid dual-function docking design, the Eee Pad Transformer Tablet can be either docked with the fully functioning keyboard base for a conventional notebook style, or used as an independent pad, meaning users can alternate between a notebook or tablet to suit their requirements and moods.

Featuring Google’s long-awaited Android 3.0 – aka the ‘Honeycomb’ – operating system and the ASUS Waveface, users will experience an unparalleled fusion of entertainment, performance and mobility, regardless of their location. Ease and simplicity is at the core of the Eee Pad Transformer, and by featuring an ASUS Launcher Toolbar and the ten multi-touch support, users can enjoy browsing through a horde of apps, including ones as complex as piano playing, services and online content in just a couple of swipes.

Other functions unique to the ASUS Waveface include the ‘MyNet’ feature, enabling users to stream content wirelessly between multi-entertainment devices. The ‘Mylibrary’ function is also worthy of mention, being a useful tool of consolidating favourite books and magazines into one easy-to-navigate profile.

The ‘MyCloud’ feature allows easy access to cloud content such as the ASUS @Vive Media library –providing an enormous rage of games, video and music downloads – and WebStorage.

The Eee Pad Transformer can even be ‘transformed’ into a camera, with two built-in auto focus cameras, the front one being 1.2MP and the one at the rear being 5MP, enabling users to capture still images and record videos in high definition quality.

Incorporating a G-sensor and gyroscope internal sensors, users can also enjoy playing multi-player and movement-based games, whilst with GPS and compass modules, the Eee Pad Transformer can also act as a navigation system – is there anything this compact tablet cannot do?

Its remarkably huge amount of unique and innovatory capabilities is not the only ‘hard to believe’ feature that the Eee Pad transformer can achieve, but also the fact that despite being pocket-sized and ultra-lightweight,it boasts a battery life of up to whopping 16 hours.

With a spec this impressive, it is hardly surprising that the Eee Pad Transformer has been hugely anticipated. Well anticipate no more, as this unique hybrid tablet will be available from April 6 2011, for, when you consider its complex capabilities, a very reasonable £379 for the pad only and £429 for the pad and keypad dock.