Create your own Hot Spot with the TL-MR3020 Portable 3G Wireless N Router

So imagine the scene, you’re hosting a stand at an exhibition, or you want to conduct a group seminar in the countryside, or better still, you’re on holiday and the whole family needs internet access. We’ve all been there, scrabbling around for a decent wifi connection or having to put up with sharing someone else’s notebook or iPhone.


Now you can create your very own wi fi hot spot with TP-Link’s TL-MR3020 Portable 3G Wireless N Router. This highly compact router will share its internet connection at speeds up to 150 Mps once it’s connected to a 3G dongle modem, so no more searching around for a wi fi signal, create your own. The router has its own mini USB 2.0 slot for use as a power supply if needed and the router is fully  compatible with iPads, iTouche, Android Phones, Kindles and other portable Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Of course security is another issue to take care of and with the TL-MR3020’s One Button security setup, you simply press the WPS button and a WPA2 secure connection will be automatically established.

In a multi user environment you can also control how much band width is being used by each connected device, so little Johnny’s World of Warcraft session might just be sacrificed for the live footy.

All this internet connectivity for just £39.99 (excluding 3G dongle)

TP-LINK Wireless Pan/Tilt Surveillance Camera review

More and more our houses are filled with shiny gadgets, some of which have even featured on these very pages. Why not keep them safe with another shiny gadget – the feature packed TP-LINK Wireless Pan/Tilt Surveillance Camera?


With the funky new droid-esque TP-LINK Wireless Pan/Tilt Surveillance Camera, you can keep a close watch on an entire room from your PC or 3G mobile phone, giving you a sense of security (or rampant paranoia) round-the-clock. The high-quality camera conveniently pans and tilts automatically, capturing vibrant colour images without colour distortion in the day and recording clear video at night. Intelligent recording and remote alerts to your 3G mobile phone or laptop help provide a degree of peace of mind.

Installation however, was a minor pain. Despite the ability to watch live feeds of your iPhone, setting up with Wireless Surveillance Camera on your iMac is a bit more of a headache. The installation files are all *.exe only and it’s a bit of a pain getting the camera up and running without a PC on hand. Even with Parallels or VM Ware it’s still a bit of a struggle getting the software to respond to the camera. I’m sure everything works magically using a conventional PC. You can of course, circumvent this installation process by finding your camera’s IP address and logging in using the default password (it’s amazing how helpful Google can be). From here, configuring everything via the online interface if relatively painless. The interface is a dowdy, but security is a serious business and I’m guessing the design team had other priorities.

Priorities such as cramming the Wireless Surveillance Camera with advanced features to facilitate surveillance such as wireless video streaming and 2-way audio transmission. The Wireless Surveillance Camera is suitable for the home, office, and even commercial settings such as a warehouse or a supermarket. When mounted on the ceiling or wall, the 354° horizontal pan, 125° vertical tilt, and 10x digital zoom assure complete room monitoring. Furthermore, the camera’s live video can be accessed from nearly anywhere via the Internet, such as your laptop, tablet, or 3G mobile devices. The motion sensors work as advertised and you can also set the camera up to patrol the area at set intervals.

The TP-LINK Wireless Pan/Tilt Surveillance Camera is out now from here.