Samsung smartphone takes us to a whole new Galaxy

Samsung have lifted the lid on the latest addition to its family of smartphones, the Galaxy S. Powered by the newest version of Google’s Android operating system, the Galaxy S incorporates a beautifully vibrant 4-inch Super AMOLED screen and a whopping 1GHz application processor to enable HD content. The handset also comes with 16GB of memory; a hefty hard drive for a smartphone but essential if you’re going to store all of the HD content that screen is made for.


Alongside the Android 2.1, Samsung have added some nice features including some rich augmented reality content and advanced LBS (Location Based Services). Social networkers are also well catered for with the ‘Social Hub’ feature which connects all of a user’s profiles into one place allowing them to enjoy communications with their friends, colleagues, and families whenever they want and wherever they are.

Wireless N networking is accompanied by Bluetooth 3.0 and standard 3G and HSDPA will be on hand for all of your mobile internet access needs. They’re impressive specs and weighing in at just 118 grams the Galaxy S is also light, especially when you consider the hardware it’s packing and the large screen.

The Galaxy S is no slouch in the looks department either. As with all touch screen smartphones it has got a little bit of the iPhone about it, but it’s impossible for anything to look bad with a screen that looks like it belongs on a widescreen TV rather than a phone.

A release date for the Galaxy S hasn’t been announced yet but Samsung have hinted that it’s likely to hit UK shelves soon, so watch this space.