Toshiba Libretto W100 challenges iPad to a dual


Here’s the situation. You have your desktop at home with dual screens and use it for gaming and generally doing a hundred things at once. Then you have your laptop or tablet for out and about. Trouble is it only has one screen so not so great for multi-tasking. Well Toshiba’s Libretto W100 might be the answer to your prayers. The Libretto W100 is an ultra-mobile concept tablet laptop with two 7” multi-touch screens.

To mark the 25th anniversary since Toshiba produced the first Intel 286-based clamshell laptop, the Libretto W100 will be released as a limited edition. It packs an Intel Pentium U5400 processor, 2GB of RAM, 62GB solid state drive and Windows 7 Home Premium. It is amazingly light at 1.8lbs and measuring just 4.84” by 7.95” when closed, it’s really small. Both screens show in a 1024 x 600 resolution. It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. You will be able to use all the regular Windows applications like Microsoft Office or Skype.

Check out this video by Pocketables:

You can have it sitting as a normal laptop like a clamshell or lay it down flat. The screens can work independently or together giving you the freedom to use it how it you like. I think this would be useful if you want to view a webpage on one screen while checking email on another or viewing two documents simultaneously. I would like to play a game against someone on the Libretto W100. Why not have them sit opposite you and battle it out? Oh I can see this will bring hours of fun.

The virtual keyboard can be configured to suit your personal style as there are six virtual keyboard modes and a virtual touchpad. The Libretto W100 features haptic technology which makes typing fast and accurate as it provides sensory feedback when keys are selected. It has one USB port and a built-in memory reader so you transfer data easily, along with a built-in Webcam.

A limited number of the Libretto W100 tablet laptop will be available at selected retailers and direct from Toshiba at There has not been a price announced but I would expect it to be pricey. I really want one. It’s just so portable and sleek. What do you think? Will you get one before it sells out?

Toshiba announce first 3D model: Satellite A665


Toshiba Satellite A665

Dubbed as being the “next generation of multimedia computing”, the new Toshiba Satellite A665 laptop is Toshiba’s first ever 3D satellite model, which according to the company, offers an amazing high definition home entertainment experience. And as this fantastically smart looking laptop is powered using a combination of NVIDIA 3D VISION technology and the latest Intel Core Series processors, it is hard to believe the Satellite A665 won’t provide an outstanding “next gen” performance.

Coming equipped with a pair of 3D Vision active shutter glasses, Toshiba has had to provide a health warning and “User Vision Test” with this machismo machine, warning parents about the potential dangers exposure such an “eye-popping” 3D experience to children can cause.

Although it’s not just the visionary aspects that cause the Satellite A665 to explode with life and ingenuity, as the laptop’s integrated Harman Kardon speakers blast out audio with depth backed-up Dolby Advanced Audio creating sound worthy of complimenting the 3D visuals. Blu-ray 3D movie support is also available but requires NVIDIA’s new driver package and Corel Blu-ray player software. This visually and aurally impressive Toshiba creation will be available from July.

Other new laptops announced

And that’s just for starters. As Toshiba has also announced the arrival of the Satellite T230 and the Satellite T210 – skinny, stylish and highly efficient CULV Satellite laptops.

Possibly the most infuriating component of modern technology, whether it be cameras, computers or ipods, is their inability to maintain a battery life lasting more than, at the max, a couple of hours. Recognizing this infuriation provoking weakness, Toshiba claim to have rectified the problem by enabling the T230 and T210 to have a more respectable life-line of eight hours before any battery charging is required.

As well as providing a host of software and connectivity options, USB 2.0, Bluetooth 2.1, and a suite of storage devices and mobile peripherals, perhaps the most worthy of a mention characteristic of the Toshiba Satellite T230 and the T210, other than a battery life that survives the working day, is its dazzling design with an ultra-slim chassis, silver interior encased by a brightly colored exterior of your choice, feats which have become formidably synonymous with the T-series.

Like the Toshiba Satellite A665, these two aesthetically stunning, high definition laptops, involving outstandingly complex technological detail, will be available from July.

Toshiba makes a splash with the waterproof Camileo BW10 camcorder

It’s not only snorkelers and action fans who will benefit from Toshiba’s latest baby – a waterproof camcorder.

If you’ve ever ruined a gadget by dropping it in the water getting off a boat on holiday, or even if your rugrat has managed to drop it in the bath or a paddling pool, the Camileo BW10 could be the answer to your prayers.


Following on from Sony Ericsson’s announcement of a waterproof phone in the shiny pink shape of the S003 Cyber-shot, it makes sense that a camcorder used to capture action, makes the leap into the great watery deep – well at least to 2m anyway. One suspects that real underwater fans will be hoping that this will lead the way for more cameras to withstand deeper water in the near future.

Whether you’re off on an adventurous holiday, or just want a camcorder that is robust enough for family life, take a look at this. As well as its water, snow, rain and dust-repelling abilities, the Toshiba Camileo BW10 offers 1080p Full HD video and has a rubber exterior cover to help it withstand a bit of rough use.

The 10x digital zoom should get you close to your subject, and quick, two-button operation means the user can switch easily between video and 5mp still photos. (Five mp does seem a bit meager when even mobiles boast upwards of 8mp cameras now, but as we’ve established before, unless you’re enlarging images to massive proportions, there’s no real benefit to having an 8mp pixel camera for most users).

The BW10 is also designed to work in ‘challenging’ ambient light conditions, with a maximum ISO speed of 1600. As is becoming common now, there is dedicated YouTube functionality, allowing you to easily upload your videos to the web.

And with a price tag of just £129.99 for a waterproof rugged camera, it certainly looks like a bargain buy. And if that isn’t enough to persuade you, perhaps the news that it comes in stylish yellow, turquoise or silver and is small enough to fit into a pocket or small bag might be the final temptation for the image-conscious among you.

Satellite Pro of Love: Toshiba launches new business laptop range

Toshiba has announced a new range of Satellite Pro business laptops that will be hitting retailers this summer. Aimed at serving small and medium-sized businesses, the three new models offer high-speed processing and a range of features to suit professionals.

Acting as a desktop replacement, the 17.3” Satellite Pro L670 provides a high-performance solution to office users on a budget. Its baby sister, the L650 has similar features and a more compact 15.6” screen, making it a portable option for workers on the go, and the C650 offers a reliable and speedy performance without breaking the bank.
The L650 and L670 come with up to 500GB storage and Intel Core i3 and i5 processors, while dedicated graphics processors provide top quality visuals. The Intel Turbo Boost Technology and a generous 4GB of DDR3 RAM mean that you can multi-task without your PC grinding to a halt.

The Satellite Pro C650 offers a choice of AMD or Intel processors and up to 320GB storage. With the same multi-tasking abilities as the larger models, the C650 also comes with an integrated DVD drive, a 15.6” screen, webcam and microphone.

All models have the latest wireless connectivity, optional USB docking solutions and ergonomic keyboards. A touchpad with multi-touch control allows users to pinch, swipe and zoom through documents, presentations and images, while the HD screen and integrated HDMI connectivity means you’ll be able to display crisp visuals and graphics.

Available with Windows 7 Professional or Home Premium, each laptop comes with Toshiba LifeSpace, which allows you to organise meetings, personal appointments and keep track of important notes. The ‘Bulletin Board’ and ‘ReelTime’ functions also allow users to organise their virtual work space more efficiently.

Coming to stores by early June, each computer comes with Toshiba Eco Utility software, which allows manual control of the machine’s power consumption, potentially enabling users to save energy, help the environment and prolong battery life.

Toshiba Freeview HD Blu-ray recorder?

Though it’s somewhat late to the Blu-ray party after nursing the HD-DVD hangover, Toshiba is ready to lead the pack when it comes to Freeview HD. The company has revealed that it plans to launch a Blu-ray recorder with twin DVB-T2 tuners and a hard drive to cover all your free HD recording needs in 2010.


Keen AV gadget-watchers will probably notice that this set up will make it a kind of spiritual brother to Panasonic’s DMR-BS850. Yes, that’s right, Panasonic really did have the temerity to release a £1000 TV recorder with the letters ‘BS’ in the name, no doubt echoing the thoughts of most Curry’s patrons when it’s suggested to them.

Toshiba’s confirmation of support for Freeview HD comes as perennial early adopter Humax announces its first DVB-T2 receiver. The earliest version will have no PVR, but you’ll be able to record to a hard drive attached over the USB port. 3view just about bested Humax though, with a twin-tuner receiver including 320GB of storage and an Opera web browser.

Freeview HD broadcasts began in earnest in London and Manchester on December 3rd, but it seems those in the right area will need to be patient for some time longer. It is expected that over 50% of the UK will be able to receive the HD broadcasts by the time the World Cup begins, if you’re willing to upgrade your equipment.

Initially, Freeview HD’s offering will be limited to BBC HD, Channel 4 HD (or S4C HD for you Welsh types) and ITV HD, with Channel 5 expected to join them later. Not all programs will be in HD, but the broadcasters are beginning to take advantage of the technology for those shows that would benefit from the boost. At the BBC alone, several studios have been upgraded and 2009’s Children in Need was the first ever available in HD. Other shows to get a video bump are Strictly Come Dancing (fair enough; it’s pretty glamorous), Ready Steady Cook (well, it’ll make the food look nicer I suppose) and Eggheads (wait, what?).

Look, it doesn’t matter that Eggheads is pointless in HD. Keep your eyes on the real prize: The World Cup. In free high definition. And England have got a fairly easy group. I’m experiencing the highs already. Does this mean a horrendous low in 10 days’ time? Damn.