Top 10 iPad games

With the official UK and international iPad release more than a month old, we thought we would give you a run down on the best games that have been keeping us entertained for a month now. We trawled through the iTunes store and here is our top ten. We’ve tried, tested and reviewed all the iPad games below ourselves to see whether the revised iPad editions are better than their smaller iPhone cousins.


1. Pinball HD

Pinball HD is revised version of the iPhone app which allows you to have a two different views; one following the ball or you can have a full HD view of the table – it’s incredibly simple, but that’s why we love it so much. There touting community scoring so you can spend endless hours trying to crack the top ten.?Price £1.79

2. Mirror’s Edge

We loved Dice’s Mirror Edge when it free-roamed into our lives 18-months ago on the Xbox – you play sassy Faith, the coolest parkour-post-woman in computer game in history. Though this is a 2D variation, it still true to the original and is well worth a launched day purchase.

Price £7.49

3. Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse Episode 1:The Penal Zone

For point-and-click adventure fans the iPad is a dream come true, offering up what amounts to the perfect platform for the genre. The arrival of Telltale’s third season of Sam & Max for a bargain price is great launch title. In fact the new season actually premiered on iPad in the US and was a real coup for the platform.

Price £3.99

4. PadRacer

PadRace is a very clever game; as the iPad is the race course and you have to use your iPhone to control the cars on the iPad. It’s a great way to get your mates involved but will require one iPad and four iPhones. But the developer has announced that you will only need one app for a four-way race. Start your engines.Price £2.99

5. Top Gun

Paramount Digital Entertainment worked with Freeverse to bring the iPhone’s Top Gun game to the iPad, complete with upgraded graphics and new content. The slightly corny game follows a new recruit who’s looking to become the next Top Gun through a flight school that’s taught by instructors Maverick and Iceman. There’s also apparently a hidden volleyball mini-game for players to find.

Price £1.39

6. Real Racing HD

With heavy-weights like Need for Speed and Asphalt 5 ready for racing – it’s the plucky outsider Real Racing HD that get the thumbs up from us. With the fantastic in-car view, which gives you the sensation that you’re playing it something larger than the 10? screen.

Price £5.99

7. Worms HD

Team 17?s fantastic Worms is ready for the iPad launch with a lick of HD paint – with the large screen Worms’ most enjoyable aspect is the social play and friendly competition. And with some sharp visuals to boot this is classic Worms at its best.

Price £2.99

8. Roswell Fighter HD

If you want to relive you misspent youth playing top-down shooters then Roswell Fighter HD is more than likely to satisfy you.

There are three different difficulty levels; loads of power-ups and the controls are intuitive with your finger controlling the fighter plane. Be warned finger cramp is a distinct possibility. Price £1.19

9. Let’s Golf HD

It’s no Tiger Woods but Let’s Golf HD is a great arcade golf game and with multiple holes it great value for money. Controls come in two varieties and with the options to change club, add spin to your ball – it’s worth a purchase if you think you’re the next Tiger Woods.

Price £2.99

10. Command & Conquer Red Alert

The iPhone version of C&C was a bit pointless due the lack of a decent size screen, but this is a thing of the past with iPad version securing the award of best RTS on the iPad. This isn’t just some stripped back version it’s the full Command and Conquer we know and love. And if have penchant for collecting Iron Ore and making buildings then you need this game.

Price £7.49