iGrill2: the Bluetooth ‘smart meat thermometer’


CES is upon us and device manufacturers are falling over themselves, eager to present the latest greatest in tech. But whilst we like to look at larger and larger television screens and faster computers, we really get excited when companies jam electronics in places no one had thought to put them before. Last year on of our favourite finds was the HAPIfork and this year we’re already excited by the prospect of precision grilling with the iGrill2 Bluetooth Smart Meat Thermometer and iLP Bluetooth Smart Liquid Propane Monitor.

If you caught our Top 5 BBQ gadgets article you’ll know we love a high-tech cook out (especially if you have a Grillbot to do all the cleaning at the end). The iGrill 2 is a new and improved product – at the forefront of connected grilling.

With a new design is so rugged it practically has stubble, the iGrill2 hooks up via Smart Bluetooth to the iDevices Connected App and allows you to monitor the temperature of your food from up to 150 feet away. Powered by just 2 AA batteries you can get up to 150 hours of battery life as well so that’s probably a key metric over at iDevices. You can track the temperature of up to four different probes at the same time so if you’re cooking up cornucopia of carcasses you can easily keep track of everything. The magnetic backing allows for easy mounting on your grill with an optional magnetic disc if you went the non-ferrous route on your outdoor cooking options.

Here’s a quick video of the new iGrill, by Mike Flaminio

Furthermore, if like Hank from King of the Hill you cook with “propane and propane accessories”, the iLP should ensure you never get caught short at the grill. Deploying ultra-sonic sensors, which is only one step down from laser beams in futuristic sounding technology, the iLP monitors the level of propane left in your tank and the app will let you know the nearest place to get a refill – hopefully Strickland Propane.

Currently the iDevices app is our for iOS but an Android app should be on its way by the time BBQ weather hits us.

Priced at $99.99, the iGrill2 will be available through iDevices. iLP pricing is currently a closely guarded secret, to be made know some time in later this year.