Battle it out on your desk with the TankBots

If you find you’re getting too much work done in a day, you could always distract yourself and your colleagues with the latest ‘pets’ to hit the market. The TankBots are robotic desk pets that come in a choice of four colours and can be controlled using an iPhone, iPad or Android device. An added bonus is that they need no ‘feeding’ or ‘petting’ like lots of electronic pets.


These cute mini robotic tanks can be played with in three ways (hey it makes a change from cyberstalking your exes on Facebook, surely?). Forget those spreadsheets, page proofs or marketing reports – instead spend some productive time setting up an obstacle course along your desk (and that of any participating colleagues) and set the deskpet to maze mode. Time how long it takes your little android apprentice to escape.

Alternatively, set the TankBot to roaming mode and your pet will just head off on its own, using its infrared sensors to avoid any obstacles and making the obligatory tank sounds.

Finally, you can set it up in remote control mode, using any iPhone, iPad or Android 2.1 device (and a free downloadable app) to control your desk pet. Each differently coloured bot operates on its own frequency, so there are plenty of opportunities for a few of you to join in with your own TankBot – we foresee, obstacle course races, and TankBot battles aplenty. You could even have your own in-office TankBot Olympics.

The TankBots from Desk Pets can be charged via USB and costs £24.95 from They will arrive in store on September 20 2011.