The UWaterG2 MP3 player: Committed to creating unswerving swimmers

The surge in fitness and exercise the New Year traditionally creates is often accompanied with a surge in the sales of fitness gadgets and equipment. Given this annual trend, Latest Gadgets thought our readers may welcome being informed about a particularly notable new ‘fitness’ gadget – The UWaterG2, the world’s smallest 100 percent waterproof MP3 player.


This remarkably diminutive device has been created by Fitness Technologies Inc, a leading manufacturer of waterproof audio technology. Like many great gadgets about to join the eternally evolving technology marketplace, the UWaterG2 is to feature at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES), held on 6 – 9 of this month.

It has been long established that exercise is made infinitely easier when it is accompanied with music. Having been IPX8-certified at the highest rate possible, still working under ten feet of water, this micro-sized MP3 player, boasting dimensions of just 0.4” x 1.25” x 1.75” and weighing less than an ounce, clips easily onto goggles, armbands or headbands causing no obstruction or hindrance to a swimmer, and on the contrary, is designed to enhance performance.

Although it is not just the pangs of swimmers’ boredom and loneliness the UWaterG2 can help eradicate, as the advantages of this “ultimate outdoor companion” can be utilized by surfers, scuba divers, snorkelers and even by those executing activities that do not include water, such as running and walking.

This miniscule device comes with 2GB, 4GB or 8GB of memory and is available in five different stylish colours. Its uniqueness lies not only within its miniscule size and being virtually weightless, but also due to the fact it features Waterproof Audio Technologies (WAT)  “Twist & Lock” technology, which, as well as sealing 100 percent of water out of the ear jacks, provides long term protection against corrosion.

Being equipped with a highly visible multi-colour LED mode control means the UWaterG2 can be operated effortlessly, even when under ten feet of water. The UWaterG2 package includes a USB cable, four sets of silicon ear-tips, extendable stereo waterproof earphones, a detachable flex clip, a user’s manual and an international extended warranty.

The LG verdict? Not bad for just $59.95, especially when you consider the health benefits it will bring if it helps you stay committed to clocking up those lengths.