Vuzix Wrap brings large screen video to, err, sunglasses!

While most people assume (and quite rightly most of the time) that it always rains in Britain, that hasn’t stopped Vuzix from kindly bringing their stylish sunglasses-style video eye-wear to our shores. To be fair, the company does point out that they can be used whenever and wherever, you want and not just on a sunny beach!

Through the technology embedded in the Wrap product range, you can view a picture that, in theory, recreates the experience of watching a standard large screen – providing a virtual viewing choice from 44 to 67 inch, right in front of your eyes.

vuzix wrap

The Vuzix Wrap is compatible with devices which have composite video-out (found in mobile devices as well as things like camcorders, portable DVD players, games consoles, etc.). and it comes complete with an iPod/iPhone adaptor which most people have come to expect these days.

Launched in time to cash-in on the Christmas shopping, the Vuzix Wrap comes in three versions The Wrap 230 (£129.99 inc VAT), Wrap 280 Widescreen (£179.99 inc VAT), and the Wrap 920 (£249.99 inc VAT) and is available directly from the company as well as through Apple, Firebox and Play amongst others.