Slicks Suit25: High end commuter technology

Some gadgets elicit a hmm or a gentle nod. And some are greeted with an “OMG that’s amazing where did you get that?” The Slicks Suit25 bag is one such a product.

With the increase in commuting cyclists (and London has launched a large cycle hire scheme, which is slowly extending across the capital so their numbers are set to increase) it’s not so uncommon to see chaps awkwardly trying to negotiate cycle lanes with a suit bag – or trying to ride along London’s filthy streets and keep their “whistle and flute” clean.


The Slicks Suit25, with more pockets than a pool table, amazingly allows you to fit a whole suit into a specially designed cycling backpack. Hailing from Switzerland, the Suit25 is a 25 litre backpack with straps and handles designed to be held as a side bag or as a backpack.

The Suit25 folds open to reveal a full size suit holder (which is frankly amazing) and there is a separate compartment for your shoes. If this wasn’t enough (and it is to be honest) there is a special compartment for your laptop (or tablet if you are that way inclined) making it an amazingly versatile device. On top of that there are some built in visibility strips for night time cycling and a rain cover. I think I’m in love.

James Bond walking out of the ocean, stripping off his SCUBA suit and having a tuxedo on is a pretty amazing image. James Bond peddling up and pulling out a neatly folded 3-piece out of a Suit25 wouldn’t be quite as iconic but would still be a pretty amazing scene in the next 007 film (you read it here first).

It’s a little bit heavy (about 2.4kg) even before you load all your suit, shoes, locks and cycling paraphernalia – but if you are cycling across town to work anyway you can probably take the weight.

The Suit25 is £114 from