uPrint SE Plus 3D printer unveiled by Stratasys

Just one year ago, Stratasys introduced their first 3D printer, the Dimension uPrint, which became the world’s best selling printer. This year, not content at being the market leaders in 3D printing technology, the company has exceeded their printer product supremacy by producing the uPrint Plus – an enhanced version of the original, with heaps of additional features.

If printers can be attractive, then the uPrint Plus is about as attractive as they come. The printer possesses a neat display panel, which not only shows users at a glance its current status, but also allows for direct user interaction to adjust operations.

These operations are at the height of sophistication and precision in the field of 3D printing. After heating solid threads of modeling and support material into a semi-liquid condition, the extrusion head then makes exceptionally precise movements to deposit the materials onto the modeling base, the platform on which each model is printed. Two material bays sit neatly underneath the printer, ready to collect meticulously produced material.

Check out this intro video:

One of the key improvements of the uPrint Plus is that it can print eight different colours of Stratasys ANSplus material, including black, red, blue, dark grey, olive, ivory, fluorescent yellow and nectarine. This vast assortment of colour enables designers to distinguish individual components and ultimately gives them a greater illustration of their designs.

Stratasys are assertively promoting their latest extension in 3D printing as still being available for under $20,000 (£12, 280 approximately). At this price, it is obvious that this printer is ‘slightly’ exclusive, and is intended to be used by professional designers, engineers and architects. 3D printing is quite ‘magical’ to watch at the best of times. But with its smart and stylish appearance and multitude of new features, those professionals who place a uPrint Plus printer amongst their design tackle, will not only look like they mean business, but will give them greater evaluation of design concepts and extended options for crafting models based on 3D printing technology.

The new uPrint Plus is not available for shipment until March, when it will be available through authorized Stratasys resellers.