Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime App

For parents whose job forces them to travel or who have split up from their partner leaving their young children behind, bedtime can be particularly painful. The thought of not being able to tuck their child up safely in bed and reading them a bedtime story can be an excruciating ordeal to bare for many a forlorn parent absent from the family home, albeit temporarily or permanently.  This intense anguish could, however, be significantly eased with the Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime app, new iPad and iPhone technology that allows parents to read a bedtime story to their children even if they are on the other side of the world.


“In a frantic modern world where business trips, expeditions and sometime separations draw parents further from their children, ‘Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime’ brings them back together. This is the first true revolution in bedtime stories for over five hundred years,” Chris Stevens, CEO Atomic Antelope

Created through collaboration between Atomic Antelope, inventors of last year’s highly successful Alice for the iPad app, and ustwo, designers of the equally as stimulating Granimator and MouthOff apps, this pioneering new app, is the first interactive book to feature the new StoryTime technology – a system which transforms iPads or iPhones into remote reading devices.

Absent parents need no longer worry about their beloved offspring forgetting the sound of their voice, as this magical interactive book, with which children can play with many classic nursery rhyme characters, such as Jack and Jill, Humpty Dumpty and the Three Blind Mice, whilst listening to their parent reading the story to them from anywhere in the world.

Having the unique potential to develop and strengthen relationships between parents and children, it is of little wonder that ustwo and Atomic Antelope and excited about the new app.

“Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime is without a shadow of doubt the most wonderful interactive publishing ever seen on the iPad,” says Mills, the ustwo co-founder. Whilst we probably wouldn’t go that far, if for whatever reason, you find yourself departed from your children at bedtime, why not take advantage of the Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime app and download it for £2.39 from the app store?