The Steel: Stylish, impressive sound and modestly priced

Whilst not all iPod docking stations look suave and sophisticated – Speakal’s iPig iPod docking station springs to mind – if such a device is more urbane in appearance, it can make a classy addition to a room. Magicbox’s latest charging base for iPods and iPhones, the Steel, can be most definitely put in the ‘enhancing the classiness and elegance of a home’ category.


Being named ‘the Steel’, this docking station certainly sounds domineering, and in boasting a classy design of simple lines, hi-gloss piano black finish and ‘cradle hewn’ from precision stainless steel, interrupted only for a laser-cut, blue-backlit control panel, undoubtedly looks the part. But does the Steel pump out as equally as impressive optimum sound?

Magicbox assure us that the Steel provides users with ‘distinctively rich sound with precise vocal transparency and definitive bass response’, and with two ten-watt speakers attached, who are we to argue?  Unlike some docking stations, Steel users can have complete control over the acoustic sound blasting from the device using the treble and bass controls and with an aux-in jack, users will also have the option to connect non-Apple MP3 players.

With this classy piece of equipment users will be able to charge and play Apple devices simultaneously and, by operating the Steel via a remote control, can do so from the luxury of their  armchair.

Oh yes, another great feature of the Steel… its price, just £49.99.

If you are on the market for an iPod docking station or, as they do make a good Christmas present, are looking to buy a loved one such a gadget this Christmas, then you could do a whole lot worse than opt for the Steel.

Check it out at MagicBox