TomTom Start 20: TomTom goes easy on first time users

No one can accuse any reader of latest gadgets to be anything other than comfortable with new technology. But there are, believe it or not, people out there who get sweaty just thinking about it. The mere whisper of wireless free or Bluetooth is enough to send certain individuals diving for cover.


It’s no wonder then, that the undisputed heavyweight champion of Sat Nav, has spotted an opportunity in the market and devised a cunning plan. TomTom, with the release of its new Start series is championing first timers to have a go and see what all the fuss is about without having to cope with any blood pressure rises. The Start 20 series is all about simplicity. Big screens, easy control and sight access from all areas.

So, let’s look at that for a moment. The new look screen sizes range from 4.3’’ for the Start 20 up to 5’’ for the slightly larger Start 25 and all of them come with touch screen technology to make planning a route as simple as ABC. TomTom has added something in the region of 2 million kilometres of new roads into its entry level maps and at the same time enhanced the graphics to show built up areas, water features and forests in greater detail. And just to make first timers even more relaxed, the smart lane exit guidance system available on the more expensive models has been integrated into this range too. This displays a 3D representation of the correct lane to take when approaching junctions on busy roads and motorways so drivers don’t miss a turn off.

Street names are now available within the spoken instructions and Tom Tom guarantees that devices will be able to update to the latest maps free of charge within 90 days of first use.

It’s all good news for first timers, and now there’s no excuse to hang on to that dog eared A-Z.

TomTom Start 20 from £129.99