Orange Liveradio team up with Logitech to ‘evolve the Squeezebox experience’

In the same way only the most respected, celebrated and legendary car manufacturers, such as Mercedes Benz and Alfa Romeo, have forums dedicated for fellow enthusiasts to share their experiences and tips, technology companies must know they’ve ‘established’ themselves when there are forums in circulation devoted to sharing knowledge about their products. Such is the case with Logitech and its award-winning Squeezebox Wi-Fi network music player and popular range of applications. Broadening the catalogue of radio stations and podcasts available on Squeezebox, Logitech has announced a new alliance with the Orange Liveradio app.


From the Beeb’s Radio 4 to France’s RTL, the Orange Liveradio app adds a further 11,000 radio stations from across the globe to a Squeezebox user’s catalogue of radio stations. For those who are unaware of the assets of the Logitech Squeezebox, this compact network music player enables users to enjoy digital music on their computer and the internet. Without the need of wires and supporting almost every format, including AIFF, AAC, WAV, Apple Lossless, FLAC, WMA and MP3, digital music collections and radio stations can be enjoyed anywhere in the home.  Squeezebox experiences can be controlled by a user’s smartphone or tablet with the Logitech Squeezebox Controller app.

In adding the Orange Liveradio catalogue to its range of apps, Logitech has created more opportunities for the discerning digital music fan. As well as creating an additional 11,000 radio stations to its index, users can access more podcasts from providers all over the world.

We’ve all had moments when we’ve heard a track we instantly love but don’t know the artist or group who are singing it. This annoying feat of listening to music can be rectified with the Orange Liveradio app, which gives users access to all the associated information supplied by the radio stations, such as song titles and artist’s names.

If Squeezebox embraces your music listening desires you may be excited by the Squeezebox/Orange Liveradio collaboration and want to check out further information on this “exciting step in the evolution of Squeezebox”, visit Or you could join other Squeezebox geeks and sign up to the Logitech Sqeezebox forum at